iPhone Activation Stuck on Billing Zip Code + Social Security Number

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AT&T Account Information
Thank you for purchasing your iPhone from the Apple Online Store.
Please enter your AT&T account information to complete your activation.

Are you getting stuck with this screen on iTunes?
And even more, the iTunes asks for Billing Zip Code and Last 4 Digits of Social Security Number which probably you don’t have because you bought a used iPhone on eBay or somewhere else online.

iTunes activation asks Billing SSN

iTunes activation asks for Billing and SSN

So, why your iPhone asking SSN for activation?

iPhone Activation asking for SSN + Billing Zip Code

iPhone Activation asking for SSN + Billing Zip Code

Because the SSN is used for credit checks. Post-paid accounts require credit approval for activation, that is why the activation process asks for SSN. The iPhone simply asks for the first-time activation if it purchased in-contract or the iPhone was received as an upgrade.

You will only need to enter the required information (Billing Zip Code+SSN) to continue the activation. You must enter the Zip Code + SSN tied to that phone number, cannot use any random SSN / Billing Zip Code, AT&T refuses to activate the iPhone if you try to.

AT&T was unable to verify your identity using the information you entered. It could be as simple as a typo. Please re-check your information and try again.

AT&T was unable to verify your identity using the information you entered. It could be as simple as a typo. Please re-check your information and try again.

  • Can I use another SIM card to bypass SSN activation?
    No, that’s not possible.
  • Can I restore the firmware to avoid SSN input screen?
    You can’t either.
  • Can I enter my own SSN, or my parents, or friends?
    No, that wouldn’t work!

Anything you do with the iPhone would not help you to pass this screen unless you put the correct Billing and SSN information. It’s tied with your iPhone’s IMEI number.

How-to Bypass the SSN Activation Screen?

Calling AT&T won’t help you, believe me! AT&T will just told you to restore from iTunes and set it up that way with your own SIM card. Tell the representative that it’s tied with the iPhone’s IMEI, not SIM!

Here are a few things you can do to get your iPhone activated.

  1. Ask seller for his Billing Zip Code + SSN. Tell the seller that it’s required for non-activated iPhone. You’ll not use his account, but simply just use the information to activate it and you’ll use your own SIM card. Telling the seller so may help you to get the seller’s info and proceed with the activation.
  2. I’ve explained every thing and the seller still refuses to give out the Billing Zip Code + Social Security Number. What can I do now?

    Schedule a remote desktop session (such as TeamViewer) with the seller and ask the seller to download TeamViewer client. Ask him to open Task Manager with “Always on Top” enabled to hide the SSN screen, so he’ll just need to enter the information without being seen by you.

  3. If both of your and seller agree to ship back the iPhone to the seller and ask the iPhone to be activated using his information, give it a go!
  4. What if the seller not responding / I’ve no chance to get SSN and Billing Zip Code from the seller.

    You can use SenseiPhone service here:

    iPhone Billing Zip Code & SSN Activation Data

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