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iOS 5 battery drain

If you are experiencing battery draining problem on iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, or even the new iPhone 4S after installing iOS 5, well you’re not the only one. There are a lot of iPhone users facing the same problem as you, significant battery drain even without much or no activity (standby).

Here are several reports from users that experiencing iPhone battery drain with iOS 5:

  • i have significant battery drain where percentage is going down every 2 minutes or so – any ideas on what is causing this?
  • Same problem here. Lost over 20 percent on standby in about two hours. Very annoying.
  • iPhone 3GS, 8 hours of mostly standby, down to 23%. The same settings as with 4.3.5 — it could live more than 24h before iOS 5 update.
  • Also getting a huge battery drain after upgrading to iOS 5 and nothing is running
  • With (freely available from AppStore) netstat application I see active https connection to, which is open currently for 42 (fourty two) minutes already. I have no idea what is, but it you try to connect via browser to, you’re getting certificate for the name ‘configuration.apple.com’.

    Somehow I feel that keeping the connection open for 40+ minutes is not exactly the thing mobile device should do.

  • Same here! I go from 100% to 0% in 5-6 hours! Totally not acceptable. I have a ton of apps turned “on” in the Location Services settings. I’m turning the unimportant ones off to see if that helps. Hopefully we get an answer/update soon!
  • Same issues here, my battery is dying in less than 8hrs, more like 6 hours. I’ve tried turning off all the notifications I can find, and unnecessary location services.
  • Same problem here. The iPhone is very hot which usually means that it is sending/receiving cell data.

    I’ve closed all applications and haven’t used the phone at all.

    It was sitting on my desk for the last several hours and dropped from ~50% charge to <10% in that time.

  • similar issue here: since update to iOS 5, batery drain is ~ 25% per hour. I’ve turned off most of the bells and whistles, power drain continues. no downloads are happening, i’ve even turned off cellular data , icloud, bluetooth, all location services, you name it… still the battery drains away..

And alot more report about battery draining on iPhone while using iOS 5.

So, how-to fix this battery problem?

Here are some tips that were shared and proven to be working to fix battery drain problem on iOS 5.

  • I’ve solved the problem by resetting network settings (somewhere in Settings / General / Reset, IIRC). Currently 97% of battery after 2 hours unplugged (used about an hour for listening to the music). 3G is on, cellular data is on, wi-fi is on, bluetooth is on, iCloud is on, push is on, geolocation services are on.

    I feel happy.

    (iPhone 3GS)

  • Had this same problem yesterday with my iPhone 4, but seems like mine is resolved. I left it unplugged all night and it was only down to 97% Some things I adjusted after seeing this and a couple other threads yesterday:

    iCloud, turned everything off except Find My iPhone. I wonder if having “Documents and Data” on was causing some kind of long-running transfer? Still not sure, but that could have been it. At the moment I’m not feeling like I need iCloud features anyway so this isn’t big deal for me so far.

    Mail, check this if you have an Exchange account set up: I use an account set up as Exchange to talk to a Zimbra server for work email. In iOS 5 there is a new item to sync that it calls Reminders. Not sure if it’s related to the Reminders app, but because the server on the other end is Zimbra that sounded possibly iffy so I turned it off. (It may just be a renaming of Tasks, and Zimbra does sync Tasks now, but still.) I was looking at this anyway because there seemed to be a delay/problem with email being pushed from that account. The mail problem seems to be resolved, whether it had anything to do with this or not. It may not have anything to do with the specific sync items either; it’s possible some error with the mail sync was causing the battery drain perhaps? Just something to look at maybe.

    Also, at least once in there I turned the phone off and back on. Simple, obviously, but make sure you’ve done that at least once since you noticed the power drain. The restart alone could have been the fix because perhaps some process lingering from the setup was still trying to do something.

    These are the main things I can think of zeroing in on after noticing the problem and reading some threads. Somehow this is resolved. Possibly it was resolved simply with the phone restart, but I did all this around the same time so can’t isolate which item may have been the key.

  • May have it sussed on my iPhone4 .I’ve had battery issues since ios5 install, tried everything on and off with location and notifications, but when I clicked on the phone icon, I noticed that the little “sun” spinny icon thing was showing that it was sending or recieving data no matter what I did (apart from shut down cellular data, which would make the phone useless, obviously)

    But then I decided to check safari, it had 5 pages open, so I shut them all down then cleared the cache and history etc. I am now having minimal battery drain (so far) and it was almost visible before (about 5% everyv ten minutes)

    Hope this helps. It may only be a temporary fix, but after an hour it’s still fine.

  • Yesterday I rebooted, turned off all iCloud. Things seemed to be fine. Phone doesn’t get warm as it was before and battery life is what I expect from ios4 more-or-less.

    Then I began turning iCloud on one at a time. I was running all night with mail and calendars on and the battery seemed to be ok in the morning. So I turned the rest of iCloud on and the phone started warming up and the battery was draining.

    I haven’t narrowed it down beyond this.

  • Hi,

    Suffered the battery drain problem on both my iphone 4 and wife’s iPhone 4S. Resetting the network connection did not help me. I ended up going the delete and re-add my mail boxes as well as doing a hard reset after deleting the boxes. Then i shutdown icloud except for findmyiphone. I noticed my phone was hot and checked the usage and the usage time = standby time under (Settings → Usage) which means the phone basically was running from the time i pulled the electric power off.

  • In my research, someone suggested removing and readding any additional mailboxes you have.

    I did this, and so far my battery life is much improved. I haven’t added back all my mailboxes yet or turned on too many iCloud features.

  • I think I got it!!!

    It seems to be a conflict with mobile me and icloud.

    What I did;

    In e-mail settings delete the original mobile me account.

    Then I deactivated everything in icloud settings (when prompted if I should keep my info on my phone I opted to keep my information on my phone).

    I then did a hard reboot.

    When the phone powered back on I then went back into icloud and set it all up again.

    This was about 45 min ago and I have only lost 1% and it’s probably from using it.

    Good luck and please post your results.

  • I also tried turning off cellular data altogether and moitoring the CPU usage. Oddly after a while when I turned cellular data back on, the battery doesn’t seem to run down so fast any more. Maybe switching cellular data off and on also resets something.
  • I can confirm this too.

    I had a perfect 3gs with 2 exchange accounts, 1 gmail, 1 hotmail, 1 yahoo and the battery used to work for 3 days with no issues. I dont receive normal amount of emails on any of the account.

    After I upgraded to ios5, every thing was okay, because I there was nothing configured.

    The moment I configured my exchange account, boom!

    Battery started going down.

    8 am it was at 74%

    9 am it was at 56%

    10 am it was at 32%

    and of course the moment i removed exchange,

    at 5 pm it was still at 31%

    So I can guarantee this is related to some bug in the mail or cloud or notifications.

    Even though I did not receive ANY email today.

    I even removed the association of my phone on my exchange server, rebooted my exchange front end server too (yes i am the admin for that server).

    Still the same.

    I am simply going to walk into the apple store and tell them that I want my old OS back.

  • I think the problem is caused by exchange account reminders.

    I made several tests but the following procedure did the trick:

    – I removed my corporate exchange account and then shutdown the phone (pressing home + standby)

    – after boot, i added my corporate account without enabling reminders

    After that battery usage was normal.

    Hope it helps.


  • I have spent 48 hours trying to figure this out. The problem is with exchange server and icloud syncing. If you turn off icloud mail, calender, contacts, reminders and notes syncing (i.e. everything that connects to the exchange server) then the email will work fine and the battery drain goes away. This worked on both my ipad 2 and iphone 4.

There you go several tips that resolve battery drain on iOS 5. If you have your own tips, do not hesitate to post on the comment form below.

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