iPhone iPad Status Bar Means

iPhone / iPad Status Bar Symbols Explained

If you are new into iOS world, you may questioning yourself “What’s this symbol mean?” or “What is the meaning of that symbol?”

iPhone iPad Status Bar Means

On the top of the iPhone’s screen you will see a number of status icons just like menu bar in Mac, if you familiar with it, which are shorthand for various settings and connections.
The icons that tell you the current iPhone’s connection, either 4G, 3G, or Wi-Fi, displayed in the upper lefthand corner, while icons of battery or other functions of the device can be seen on the right.

In this article, we will have iPhone / iPad Status Bar symbols explained

Signal strength. These bars indicate the current 3G, 4G and LTE strength. They fluctuate between one circle (little to no service) and five (strongest reception)

Wi-Fi connection strength. You’ll see this symbol if you’re connected to a Wi-Fi network. The stronger the signal, the more bars you’ll see (between one to three)

3G If you are connected to a 3G data network you will see this icon. This should enable you to use the internet and data-connected apps with ease. This 3G symbol could be mean UMTS for GSM network or EV-DO for CDMA network, and the iPhone is currently connected to the Internet over that network.

4G If you’re lucky enough to be on a 4G network plans, and are in a 4G zone, then you’ll see this icon. Your internet will be blazing-fast on 4G

LTE. LTE is similar to 4G. If you are on a LTE network you should see faster internet access and be able to use data-connected apps with ease

EDGE. Shows that your carrier’s EDGE (GSM) network is available, andiPhone can connect to the Internet over that network.

GPRS/1xRTT. Shows that your carrier’s GPRS (GSM) or 1xRTT (CDMA) network is available, and iPhone can connect to the Internet over that network.

Bluetooth. Turn on Bluetooth and you’ll see this icon. By default the symbol is grey, but if you connect to a Bluetooth device the symbol will turn blue

VPN. This icon appears when you connect to a Virtual Private Network (VPN). Use a VPN to securely access your corporate or private network

Battery status. The battery-status icon shows how much charge your iPhone battery has left. A lightning bolt icon to the right of this indicates charging

Location Services. When an app such as Apple Maps is using Location Services, this purple pointer will appear to the left of the iPad’s battery icon

Orientation lock. You can lock your iPad’s display in portrait mode by double-tapping the Home button and scrolling to the left

Alarm Clock. When you have an alarm set in the Clock app, this small clock appears to the right of the time at the top of your iPad

Airplane Mode. Turn on Airplane Mode in Control Centre or the Settings menu to switch off all tablet, internet and Bluetooth connections. You will still be able to access your email and the web over Wi-Fi and use other iPad features

Processing icon. When your iPad is trying to make a network connection, it says ‘Searching…’ in the upper-left corner. This circle appears if it is looking
for items to sync to iCloud over your network, Wi-Fi or Bluetooth

Syncing. Your iPhone is currenltly synchronising data with iTunes.

Do Not Disturb. This symbol means that “Do Not Disturb” feature is turned on

Call forwarding. Shows that Call Forwarding is set up on iPhone.

iPhone header turned purple.

When you pair your iPhone to your in car audio system and start siri, the status bar turned purple and a little mic icon shows up.
If you look at the purple header carefully you will see the siri style mic logo on the right.

To get rid of the purple bar:

1. Disconnect your iPhone from your car audio
2. Invoke siri
3. Switch siri off again without doing anything and the status bar should go back to normal.

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