iPhone ‘Lite’ leaked online, it’s even jailbroken

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A prototype of a iPhone 4 lite

A prototype of a iPhone 4 lite

Although the rumor mill has been going on about a potential iPhone Nano/Lite we haven’t seen any images of said device. Now finally something emerges from Tinhte. This isn’t a iPhone 5 but rather a lite version of the iPhone 4.

Typically this would be instantly dismissed but Tinhte has been right in the past and so it’s worth checking out.

The so-called iPhone Lite is effectively a iPhone 4 without the front and back glass panels, rather being replaced with two translucent plastic panels and along with the metal banding around the edge of the phone. This will be much cheaper to manufacture, allowing it to be sold at a reasonable price on pre-paid plans.

A cheaper iPhone makes sense as at the moment the only feasible way to get a iPhone is on a contract. Some people can’t get contacts and so Apple need to get something for the pre-pay market.

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