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This service has been down for long. Now it’s time to unlock verizon iPhone with Billing Zip Code and SSN question.

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Verizon iPhone Activation Data Service (Billing Zip Code+SSN Info)

Special for iPhone from Verizon.

This service will help you to activate the iPhone asking for Billing Zip Code + Last 4 digits of Social Security Number information. If you are stuck on this activation screen and there is no way around to get the iPhone activated, for any reason, then we’ll help you providing the required information through this service.


iPhone Activation Stuck on Billing Zip Code and Social Security Number

iPhone Activation Stuck on Billing Zip Code and Social Security Number

What information will you get?

Billing Zip Code and the last 4 digits of SSN tied to the iPhone.


What information do we need?

IMEI of the iPhone + Phone number shown on the iPhone activation screen.

To get the IMEI, tap the ‘show IMEI‘ button.

show IMEI on iPhone Activation screen

show IMEI on iPhone Activation screen


To get the Phone number, tap Next until you’ve seen the phone# on the screen.


Phone number on iPhone Activation screen

Phone number on iPhone Activation screen



Once you have received the Billing Zip Code + SSN data from SenseiPhone team, simply put it into your iPhone and the activation should continue.


Click here if you want to factory unlock your iPhone or if your iPhone stuck on Only compatible SIM card from a supported carrier may be used to activate iPhone.


Price: $134.93

Estimate process: approximately 10 Business Days

Supported models: Verizon iPhones only!


Verizon iPhones asking for Billing Zip Code+SSN are now supported.

We accept payment through PayPal. As alternative, as we also accept payment through Liberty Reserve, Western Union, or Moneygram (contact us for the Western Union/MoneyGram payment details).

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