Full iPhone 4 FPC Connectors Set (Battery, LCD, Digitizer, Dock, etc)

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If you want to buy Full iPhone 4 FPC Connector including iphone 4 fpc battery connector, LCD, Digitizer, Dock, etc, get it from the following link.

This is a Brand new iPhone 4 4G FPC Connector. (1 set come with 9 pieces of FPC connectors, as the picture show)

They’re FPC connectors for:
Charge & Data,
Digitizer Touch,
Back Camera,
LCD Display,
WI-FI Antenna,
Front Camera, and

Full iPhone 4 FPC Connector (Battery, LCD, Digitizer, Dock, etc)

Fullset of iPhone 4 FPC Connector (Battery, LCD, Digitizer, Dock, etc)

Buy it here: http://www.aliexpress.com/item/Full-1set-9pcs-For-iPhone-4-4G-FPC-Motherboard-Connector-parts-Free-shipping/966443115.html

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