iPhone 5 vs iPhone 4S vs Galaxy S3 in Data Speed Tests

So, the new iPhone 5 apparently has some crazy download speeds on it’s 4G LTE network.

Apple claims it can reach a maximum of 100mb/s (that’s about 25 times faster than an average computer connection). That is physically possible, but not so likely in the reality.

Let’s see how iPhone 5 did in comparison with its main rival- the Galaxy S3, and its ancestor iPhone 4S:

iPhone vs Galaxy S3 Speed Tests
iPhone vs Galaxy S3 Speed Tests

You see, to get anywhere near that speed you need to be in a zone that is covered with 4G network, and use either AT&t or Verizon. By the way, AT&t is noticeably faster. Realistic speeds you can get on a 4G capable phone and network are about 7-12 mb/s download and somewhat slower upload.

Maybe not 100mb/s, but the new iPhone 5 is a bit faster than its top rival, and a lot faster than any other phone with an average download speed of 9,7 mb/s. Although the Galaxy SIII has a lot better upload speed at about 13,5 mb/s which is almost double as fast as the iPhone 5.

This iPhone 5, iPhone 4S, and Samsung Galaxy S3 speed test was done by CNET.

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