iPhone 5 Release Date: 21 September, Confirmed by AT&T Vacation Blackout

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iPhone 5 Release Date: 21 September, Confirmed by AT&T Vacation Blackout

White iPhone 5

White iPhone 5 Mock-up Photo. Wait for the real Phone 5 on 12 September and get it on 21 September 2012.

We have previously reported iPhone 5 Announcement on September 12th, available on September 21th then the iPhone 5 release date confirmed by countless trusted media the next day.

About two weeks ago, BGR reported that according to a trusted AT&T source, AT&T was planning for a launch of the next-generation iPhone in late September by giving a vacation blackout from September 21 to September 30.



In addition to this vacation restriction for all AT&T employees, Verizon had instituted its own vacation blackout for September 21-30, bolstering claims that the iPhone 5 release date in the United States on Friday, September 21.

Expected iPhone 5 announcement:
Wednesday, September 12

Expected iPhone 5 pre-order date:
Wednesday, September 12

iPhone 5 Release Date / iPhone 5 Launch date, as confirmed by those trusted source:
Friday, September 21

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