iPhone 5S, iPhone 5C and iPad 5 Release Date on Sept 10th?

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Apple will release the new iPhone 5S in an event that will be held in the early fall, according to some sources of the industry.

The new smartphone will be presented, most probably, on the 10th of September. There are no details yet about how the new Apple device could look like, but rumors have circulated in the industry in recent months that offer the fans and the critics some clues.

iPhone 5S iOS 7

iPhone 5S iOS 7

Fans of Apple products are advised not to expect a new design, most analysts saying that the next iPhone, which some call the iPhone 5S, will look almost identical to the one currently found on the market, the iPhone 5. What will most likely occur as changes to the one from 2012 will be in matters of internal components, such as a faster processor and a better performing camera.

Discussions on this topic have made reference to a possible fingerprint sensor included in the home button of the new iPhone. A few weeks ago, the developers have discovered a code in the next update to the iPhone’s operating system, iOS 7, which was referring to a biometric kit. Theoretically, the fingerprint sensor will allow you to unlock the phone without a password of four characters, according to businessinsider.com.

Apple iPhone Fingerprint Security

Apple iPhone Fingerprint Security

Others rumors in the industry say that Apple will introduce a cheaper version of the iPhone, a model with a plastic housing. This is called iPhone 5C and it will be sold at a price much lower than the new iPhone and could help the company to move forward on the smartphone market.

Judging from previous releases, the businessinsider.com writes that, on September 10th, Apple will present the new iPhone 5S to a group of expert editors in technology for them to test. As results, iPhone 5S, iPhone 5C and iPad 5 could be available on September 17th, after which the public release will probably take place on September 20th.

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