Apple iPhone 6 (Real Design) Concept vs iPhone 5S in Video

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Apple iPhone 6 (Real Design) Concept vs iPhone 5S in Video

iPhone 6 Real Design Concept vs iPhone 5S

iPhone 6 Real Design Concept vs iPhone 5S in video

As you can see on the video comparison between iPhone 6 and iPhone 5S above, the iPhone 6 looks really thinner than older iPhone models like iPhone 5s/iPhone 5 as it is around 7mm thick while iPhone 5 and 5S is around 7.6mm.

The concept of iPhone 6 also looks larger and taller than compared to previous models as it has 4’7 inch display with sapphire crystal screen and advancement in LED back lighting. The mock up is also a step ahead in looks as it possesses curved edges.

On the back, the iPhone 6 real design published by on the video below has circular flash which is not available in previous models.

It seems that Apple is preparing themselves to launch this iPhone 6 around september of this year with upgraded processor, improved camera, and fully transformed and unique body style. In short we can come to the conclusion that Apple’s iPhone are going to change their style, their looks and design , with better battery back up, processor which is faster and more effecient with A8 chip and camera quality with taller and larger screen size.

Estimate iPhone 6 RELEASE DATE: FALL 2014

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