iPhoneDelivery Cydia Tweak

iPhoneDelivery for iPhone 4S development status

I’m going to update the development status of iPhoneDelivery for iPhone 4S on this page, so you better join senseiPhone on facebook or add senseiphone on Google+ to get latest updates from SenseiPhone.com, including final version of iPhoneDelivery for iPhone 4S. Non-iPhone 4S users can install iPhoneDelivery on iOS 5 to enable SMS delivery report without problem.

iPhoneDelivery Cydia Tweak

Why iPhoneDelivery doesnt work on iPhone 4S?

It’s going to be a bit technical, you may just skip this part and jump to iPhoneDelivery iPhone 4S updates below.

CommCenter –part of iOS service which handling network connectivity on the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch, is using BSD device names to access the basebands and uses standard GSM AT commands which well documented in 3GPP specifications on starting from original iPhone to iPhone 4.
But, starting from iPhone 4S, Apple implements a brand new CommCenter which is four times bigger and doesnt use those lovely BSD device name, hence it couldn’t be easily interpreted. This could be due to the new iPhone technology which support both GSM and CDMA network at the same time.

However, Apple have the iPhone 4S delivery reports code already written, but for some reasons, they decided not to enable it. As many of you have known, iMessage supports delivery recipient inside the built-in Messages app on iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad. iPhoneDelivery just need a way to activate this SMS Delivery Report option.

Below is the updates of iPhoneDelivery for iPhone 4S according to its creator, Francois Guillemé:

  • Feb 26 2012
    Still nothing ):
  • Feb 18 2012
    Still no progress regarding iPhoneDelivery iPhone 4S, Francois Guillemé took some time to write SMSPrefix cydia tweak. It’s really useful to automate the delivery report prefix inside SMS messages.
  • Feb 12, 2012
    Delivery reports is clearly available in Settings inside iOS code and applied for both SMS and MMS, however, Apple decided not to activate it for some reasons.
  • Feb 3, 2012
    Francois Guillemé just got the iPhone 4S on Tuesday, February 2nd, from all donations. The CommCenter on iPhone 4S is completely different, hence the old method of iPhoneDelivery is useless.

    After spending saturday and sunday disassembling the CommCenter, write tiny programs and trying to find a way I am sorry to say I could do anything. It doesn’t means it cannot be done but it will require time…

If you think that you can help Francois Guillemé to develop iPhoneDelivery for iPhone 4S, you may visit his wikipage here: http://code.google.com/p/iphone-delivery-report/

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