Enable Activate iOS 5 SMS Delivery Report on iPhone

You’ll never see iPhoneDelivery for iPhone4S exist!

Are you keep waiting for iPhone 4S Delivery Report magic that let you receiving SMS receipt on iPhone4S devices? For those who don’t know about SMS Delivery Report for iPhone, please take a look here: Activate iPhone SMS Delivery on iOS 5 (requires jailbreak) or here → Activate iPhone SMS Delivery with carrier prefix.

Since a month ago, we’ve put a close attention to iPhone4S SMS delivery development, but there’s no further information til today.

The latest updates regarding SMS Delivery iPhone4S is really undistinguished. We don’t expect for “instant delivery” of iPhoneDelivery for iPhone4S, but don’t ignore the updates as well.

Francois Guillemé said that there won’t be any updates for iPhone4S delivery report as we expected and he may not be using iPhone for his next phone.

A couple of visitors asked me about a status of a 4S version.

I don’t believe there will be any. As I wrote the donators a month ago I was very pessimistic. First I don’t have any more clues about how to do it and I am very busy with another duties. So, those days, my free time is very short. I already put a lot of time in this research; much more than it took me to do the first version in august 2009.

Sorry guys but I think my next phone won’t be an iPhone.

Some people complain about the money I received without delivering anything. One said (it is on this page) that I was working for free! Actually I think he was drunk or under drugs as he is probably thinking one should pay to work… I spend many hours on iPhone delivery in the last 30 months and I am am not feeling like I am stealing anybody but as I wrote to the donators, anyone who want a refund of his donation can drop me a mail.

And the 4S I got is in my drawer as I don’t use as my everyday phone (no way with no delivery report).

So, you’ll never see iPhone4S SMS Delivery cydia tweak exist. Instead, you can use SMSPrefix Cydia Tweak to enable manual SMS Delivery Receipt.

iPhone is a great smartphone, but seem to be odd without SMS delivery receipt feature, though we can still live without it.

What do you think?

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