iPhone 5S can't send email

iPhone 5 Issues: Cannot send mail from iPhone 5

iPhone 5 can't send email

A lot of people experience issues while trying to send emails from their iPhone or their iPad. A fact about both the devices are that they run on iOS, that is, the same operating system by Apple. Many iPhones that have upgraded to iOS 7 have been experiencing these issues, including the iPhone 5, which comes with the iOS 7 out of the box. In addition, some iPads are experiencing these software issues. All these issues are basically Apple’s fault and hopefully, they will be fixed in some future software releases that will fix these bugs. However, in the meantime, there are some workarounds that can help you to send email using your iOS device.

Getting the Account Settings Correct

First of all, when you set up your account, make sure that you have your password and email id entered correctly. It seems very basic, but a lot of people overlook this and proceed with setting up their email account. Now, you can set up a number of email accounts on your iPhone or iPad. There may be one account or multiple accounts. The problem with sending mail is occurring only on iOS 7 and just to keep all bases clear, when you make an account, double check that you have the password and the email id put in correctly.

The Problem Occurring with iOS 7

Many users who have upgraded to iOS 7 should have noticed that they cannot send emails from any of their account. It occurs even if they have entered every single information correctly. What is strange is that if the email account is correctly set up, then the person can receive the mail, but however, the iPhone 5 still cannot send the email. This, however, is not a problem caused by the user or the phone. This is the problem of the iOS 7 upgrade that is occurring on all devices running on iOS7, like iPhones and iPads. Also, it is independent of the email account the person is using, be it Hotmail, Exchange, Yahoo!, AOL, Comcast or Gmail. All the accounts are experiencing these problems.

The Fix for the Sending Mail Problem

The fix to this complicated problem is relatively simple. First, go to your iPhone Settings page. In the list of settings, scroll down to the “Mail, Contacts and Calendar” settings. Now, you may experience the problem with one or multiple accounts. It come cases, the Gmail accounts were not affected. Let us suppose that you have multiple accounts and they all are affected. Now, tap on the “Mail, Contacts and Calendar” and from the list of the email accounts you have, select the one that is affected. The mail settings of that account will open. Tap on “Outgoing Mail / SMTP settings.” You will find the SMTP servers listed there and the primary one will be turned on. For that SMTP server, you will have to retype the password even though it is there. In the username field, add the full email address. Save the settings and then you will be able to send mails.

For a certain reason, iOS7 cannot retain the password for the settings needed to send the mails, but however, it can do so for the settings that allow to receive the mails.

All-in-one solution if iPhone can’t send email

One last thing you can do if you’ve followed all step above, but the iPhone cannot send mail still, is by restoring your iPhone software. Make backup on PC first, then restore through iTunes.

See the following guide for further information:

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