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Jailbreak? What is Jailbreak? Have you ever heard what is jailbreak? Do you know what is jailbreak?

Jailbreak is about converting your device to be an ultimate gadget, not just an ordinary gadget.

iOS jailbreak term is similar to rooting on Android, hacking on Symbian, jailbreak on PS3 firmware or jailbreak PSP firmware, if you ever heard any of these terms. They are basically doing the same thing, modifying/hacking the default firmware/software.

In this article, SenseiPhone.com will be specifically talking about what is jailbreak iPhone/jailbreak iPod Touch/jailbreak iPad/jailbreak AppleTV. In short, we will talk about iOS jailbreak only.

So, jailbreaking iOS means you are modifying the default iOS that come with the device (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, Apple TV). iOS is Apple’s operating system running on Apple’s mobile devices including iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad, and AppleTV.

What is the reason for jailbreaking/hacking firmware either iOS, Android, Symbian, or PlayStation firmware?

Well, it’s mainly about removing the limitations imposed by the company (Apple, Sony, Nokia) on the devices. The default software has been designed to restric users modifying the internal-core of software for some reasons.

Apple ios Jailbreak

Okay, we’ll talk about iOS jailbreak only. Can you send bluetooth from iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad to other Apple devices or other bluetooth-enabled devices? This is only one of hundreds (if not thousands) reasons to jailbreak.

So, what can I do with my iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad after jailbreak?

You can do lots of things with a jailbroken Apple device. As we’ve said, jailbreak is about removing limitations on Apple device, hence you can do anything on a jailbroken iPhone, including install 3rd-party apps (apps which are not available on iTunes App Store), cheat on your favorite iOS games, unlock iPhone with software-based unlock tool, or you can install your own apps on the iPhone without developer account. FYI, in order to be able to install your own apps on iPhone, you must be registered as iOS developer, which is not free. Some users also jailbreaking for pirating paid apps and install cracked apps on a jailbroken devices. It is illegal and not cool, SenseiPhone.com are avoiding and suggesting you NOT to pirate apps.

pirate apps jailbreak iphone ipad

I’d like to quickly recap the main reason of jailbreaking iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch. You basically will be able to install POWERFULL apps and tweaks which you never seen on the iTunes store or non-jailbroken devices.

Some benefits of jailbreak

  • Customize iPhone Homescreen, themes, icons, fonts, color, designs, etc.

    Black Alardar iPhone ThemeTinkerBell battery lockscreen iPhone
    Black Alardar iPhone Theme and Battery Lockscreen of TinkerBell iPhone theme

  • Sending files via bluetooth.
  • Share internet connection on your iPhone
  • Download videos and MP3s from YouTube directly on the iPhone
  • Modify Siri assistant
  • Thousands of useful and cool tweaks for Email, Text, Phone call, Facetime, Contacts, Camera, and so on. Features that will live your life.
  • FREE iPhone Unlock is one the most reason why people want to jailbreak their iPhone.
  • Click for more Benefits of Jailbreak.

So what are the risks of jailbreaking the iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad?

Beside the huge advantages of jailbreak, there also some negative effects of jailbreak. But, these jailbreak disadvantage can be elimited by simply unjailbreak your device.

  • Jailbreak voids your warranty. Simply just unjailbreak to solve this.
    Void Warranty jailbreak
  • Your device may brick, hang-up, stuck, if you’re dealing with UNSTABLE tweaks/apps. Simply un-jailbreak if anything goes wrong with the device.

Is jailbreaking illegal?

Yes, jailbreaking was illegal in the past, but no more. The U.S. Copyright Office explicitly recognized an exemption to the DMCA to permit jailbreaking in order to allow iPhone owners to use their phones with applications that are not available from Apple’s store, and to unlock their iPhones for use with unapproved carriers.
Library of Congress adds DMCA exception for jailbreaking or rooting your phone.

So, jailbreaking is legal by now.

Is it easy to jailbreak?

Yep, jailbreak is easy. You don’t need to be a high-skilled geeks to be able to jailbreak. If you can read and you have the device on your hand, then you can easily jailbreak your device with the How-to Jailbreak guide on SenseiPhone.com.
Okay, show me the jailbreak guide.
You can click here to know How-to Jailbreak.

Should I jailbreak my iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad?

should I jailbreak?

After reading the whole article, the choice is yours. I bet you will not jailbreak if you are a boring man with a boring life. Otherwise, jailbreak is for you.

Jailbreak is “legal, ethical, and just plain fun.”

You should let us know if you decide to jailbreak after reading this article, and welcome to the jailbreak community.

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