Stolen Smartphone Illustration

“Kill Switch” to be included for all Mobile Phones in New Federal Bill

A new proposal have come up by 4 Senators in USA wherein they want a federal law through which all smartphone manufacturers have to include a mandatory “kill switch” in all their devices in a situation where a phone is stolen. This will help to wipe out all the data remotely in case of phone is lost or stolen. This will help to improve data security. Already Companies like Apple have an Activation Lock Feature in iOS 7 which offers a number of the protection proposed in the bill. But companies like T-Mobile have reservations as they feel that this feature can cause unintended consequences.

Stolen Smartphone Illustration
Stolen Smartphone Illustration. Image via

Senator Mikulski said. “This legislation will help put consumers in control of their cell phone data through a ‘kill switch’ to immediately disable a stolen phone. Victims of cell phone theft should be able to fight back so they aren’t victimized again through data and identity theft. And thieves should know that whenever they steal a cell phone, they won’t be able to use it or sell it.”

Fraud of smartphones is coming to be a boosting trouble in UNITED STATE cities, and the crimes typically involve physical brutality or intimidation with weapons or blades.

In San Francisco, two-thirds of road fraud entails a smartphone or tablet computer and the number is even higher in close-by Oakland. It additionally stands for a majority of street break-ins in New York and is rising in L.a.

Sometimes, sufferers have been killed for their phones.

In feedback to phone calls in 2012 by law-enforcement authorities to do additional to fight the criminal activities, a lot of cell phone carriers have actually straightened themselves behind the CTIA, the industry’s highly effective lobbying team. The CTIA is opposing any sort of legislation that would introduce such modern technology.


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