Lime Birds: A Unique Game – Not just another Angry Birds Clone!

I know what you’re thinking: “Lime Birds, it’s just another Angry Birds Clone”. Well it isn’t. In fact the only resemblance between the two is that they both contain birds. Anyway, on with the game! The game does reward you for doing well by unlocking various birds. In total there are 5 different birds, and this lets the game down a bit as more would have been better. Each bird is unique and has a special ability. Such abilities include being able to go invisible, able to warp time and able to make powerful explosions.

Awesome!  The game also has intuitive controls  and they have designed it so that you only need one finger on the screen at a time. This prevents your fingers from covering up the screen to do various movements.

If you are finding the game too easy you can go to the hard game mode and likewise, if the game is too difficult you can drop down the the easy game mode. The game has very good integration with two popular gaming networks for portable gaming; Openfeint and Gamecenter. You can have both a online leaderboard where you compete against people all over the world and a local offline leaderboard. You also have various achievements that you can unlock to add that bit extra to the game.

The game is akin to the Helicopter Flash Game on PC. You have to navigate around the various scenery and other objects such as planes while also get as many coins as possible. The game is very simple, but that is a good thing in my opinion.

An iPhone isn’t meant to be a replacement for say, an Xbox 360 or a PS3, rather it’s designed to offer fun, cheap/free games that can entertain you when waiting in line at the supermarket etc. I enjoyed playing the helicopter game, and so this app is perfect for me. If you hate the Helicopter game then don’t get this game. One thing that lets this game down is all the in-app purchases(A fancy name for DLC). I am not a fan of DLC and while I understand the need to make money off of these games, the ability to bypass the hard work to unlock all the birds detracts from the overall experience.

If you get everything at the start you don’t value said items. I would be much happier if the free version had ad’s and there was a 99 cent DLC to remove said ads. Even so, provided you don’t cheat and buy the ‘Unlock All Birds’ DLC you will enjoy the game.

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