There are no Liquid Contact Indicators (LCI) on iPad 2?

Back to earlier in the end of January when Apple relaxed their water damage policy on iDevices, but now an Apple Genius saying that iPad 2 has no Liquid Contact Indicators (LCI), not like previous iDevices which have LCI located in various parts of iDevice.

The headphone plug design has been changed as well –where the indicators traditionally lived- with a new pin design. The LCIs were also removed from the 30-pin plugs as well.

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What is this mean?
It means that you do not need to worry when your iPad 2 has water-damaged as Apple has no way to know whether your iPad has been dropped into the water or not.

when customers bring their iPad 2 in for repairs, Apple has no way to detect whether the iPad has been water-damaged or not


Below are details from Apple Genius DB:

Liquid Contact Indicators

  • iPad 1
    The iPad warranty excludes coverage for damage caused by liquid. To help determine if an iPad has been in contact with liquid, two liquid contact indicators (LCIs) are installed on the iPad at the following locations:

    • At the bottom of the headphone jack
    • In the 30-pin connector port (requires holding the product at a 45 degree angle to view)
  • Use a lighted otoscope to look into the headphone jack and 30-pin connector slot for activated LCIs. They turn red on contact with liquid.

  • iPad 2
    Check sim card tray for corrosion

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