A List of iOS 5 Compatible Cydia Apps & Tweaks

With the release of iOS 5, there are far more features you can count with your own fingers and toes!
[Complete List of 200+ iOS 5 Features!]

Even though Apple did release many cool new features, there still may be a few more features you wish were on iOS 5. With a Jailbreak it is possible to add more features to your iDevice! There of course already is a tethered jailbreak out there for iOS 5, should you not be too fussed about needing to be connected to a computer each time you restart your iPhone.
[Tethered Jailbreak can be found HERE!]

With that being said, Jailbreaker’s may be pleased to know, there is a complete list of Cydia Tweaks & Apps that are compatible with iOS 5!

List of iOS 5 Compatible Cydia Apps & Tweaks

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