New Mockup Design of 4-inch iPhone 5

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A new mockups design of the new iPhone (as we still call it the iPhone 5).

Previous iPhone-5 Mockup according to Photostream icon

iPhone 5 Design 4-inch screen Mockup

iPhone 5 Design 4-inch screen Mockup

There actually not much different with the previous iPhone 5 Design Based-on PhotoStream Icon we posted last September, except it has more height as the iPhone 5 design rumored as a 4-inch iPhone.

So, it basically has more pixels vertically and keeping the pixels the same horizontally (640-by-1152 pixels). Well, some of your may feel that’s it’s a little long with 6-row apps (including the dock). Or, instead of doing 6 rows of apps, what if they keep the same row of 5 and it has now with a virtual home button area on the bottom.

Here are some more mockups of iPhone 5 design.

iPhone 5 design mockups

iPhone 5 design mockups. Left to the right: 1. iPhone 4/4S, 2. the same screen starting at the same top line as a 4/4S, 3. Central to the whole body of the phone which looks too much like an LG Android, 4. iPhone 5 4-inch screen with a home button and some nicer curves

iPhone 4S Design vs iPhone 5 DesigniPhone 5th-Gen Design vs iPhone 6th-gen Design
iPhone 4S vs iPhone 5 Design (iPhone 5th-generation vs iPhone 6th-generation design) mockups

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