LockToCell Cydia Tweak forces the application icons to stay centered

LockToCell cydia tweak allows you to lock the icons in the switcher to stay in the center like the screenshoot below.
It keeps the spacing in between icons from changing while scrolling through app switcher.

LockToCell Cydia Tweak forces the application icons to stay centered
LockToCell Cydia Tweak forces the application icons to stay centered
LockToCell Cydia Tweak
LockToCell Cydia Tweak

With the application icons centered with the application preview cards, it makes it much easier to process in your mind which application icon goes with which application preview card. This is purely an aesthetic change, and the tweak doesn’t actually change the functionality of your App Switcher.

If you want to give LockToCell a try, it’s available for free in Cydia’s BigBoss repository. The tweak doesn’t have any options to configure and requires an iOS 7 device to be installed.

Name: LockToCell
Price: FREE
Version: 1.0.0-1
Requirements: iOS 7.0-7.0.5
Tested on: iPhone 5 running iOS 7.0.4
Repo: BigBoss
Developer: Brogan Miner

via @Modmyi

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Switchy Cydia Tweak Adds More Space To Multitasking AppSwitcher

Switchy Cydia Tweak Adds More Space To Multitasking AppSwitcher.

Switchy cydia tweak requires iOS 5.0 or higher and not compatible with iPad yet.

Switchy makes the task switcher how it should’ve been from the start.

Switchy Cyidia Tweak (1)

Switchy Cyidia Tweak (2)

Switchy Cyidia Tweak (3)

Brent Caswell’s concept for a better task switcher is brought to life in this tweak. Working closely with Brent, his design choices took top priority. Switchy delivers the fully functional product that he envisioned.

Switchy expands the task switcher to include two rows of icons. It adds Artist and Album information to the Now Playing area, bringing it together with not only more information but also by adding a volume slider to the same area.

The much requested “Clear Apps” button is added into a new page dedicated to settings. The settings page is also a quick way to adjust the display’s brightness, as well as functioning as a shortcut to the Settings app.

Visit the website for support and to request any further features you’d like to see in Switchy.

Reach on Twitter:
@punksomething, @brentcas

No options to configure.

Watch Switchy Cydia Tweak in action

Author: John Coates
Repository: BigBoss
Section: Tweaks
Price: $1.00
Requirements: iPod Touch/iPhone with iOS 5 or higher

AlwaysClose Cydia Tweak Close/Kill Apps in AppSwitcher easily

If you want to close apps in AppSwitcher, you normally need to double-tap the Home button to show the Multi-Tasking AppSwitcher on the bottom of your iPhone screen, hold-on the apps icon then tap the red close button in the corner of the icon to close/kill the apps.

AlwaysClose Cydia Tweak Lets you close apps easily
AlwaysClose Cydia Tweak Lets you close apps easily

AlwaysClose Cydia tweak makes it easier, you’ll see the red close button as soon as the multi-tasking AppSwitcher appears with no need to hold the apps icon to enter the wiggle mode and close the apps.
Yep, easy as that, another benefits of jailbreaking iPhone!

Name: AlwaysClose
Repo: ModMyi.com
Author: ihkltc
Section: Tweaks
Price: FREE Cydia Tweak

Imperium Cydia Tweak: A Better iPhone/iPod Touch Multi-tasking AppSwitcher

Imperium cydia tweak is a better iPhone/iPod Touch Multi-tasking AppSwitcher replacement based on Mac OS X Lion MissionControl and Launchpad. It’s definitely cool Appswitcher, much better than the default iOS AppSwitcher.

You can quickly kill background apps, get a song lyrics, take a photo, search google, email, tweet, toggle wifi / airplane mode / flashlight / location services / bluetooth etc, list of all the apps, quick access to your favorite apps, also some other SBSettings-like functions such as: Respring, reboot, power off, safemode, increase brightness and much more all under one menu which can be accessed using activator anywhere iOS wide!

This tweak completely takes your multitasking experience on iOS to a whole new level! No new icons added to the homescreen, you can configure Imperium from Settings.

Name: Imperium
Author: Akhil Tolani
Repo: BigBoss
Section: Tweaks
Price: $0.99

Well, I would say it’s really worth cyida tweak, I’d vote it as one of the best cydia tweaks choice!