Howto Fix iPhone Backlight Problem

Howto Fix iPhone Backlight Problem? Follow this DIY guide to Fix iPhone Backlight issue.

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iPhone 4 Backlight Coil and IC
iPhone 4 Backlight Coil and IC

Sometimes, after getting wet because of some factors such as fall into the water or other incidents, our iPhone will face a problem especially backlight issues and we can find many people have discussed this matter in any discussion forum about gadget and in the internet. For this matter, we do not need to hurry bring the phone to the service center because if the problem is not that hard, we can save money from paying the service fee. As we know, that water or shake can affect the gadget’s component not limited to the Iphone, it can face similar problem.

Fixing iphone backlight sometimes can be easy, without complicated things needed but for other cases, it needs some ‘operation’ related to the component inside the phone. Here are some steps to fix iphone backlight on your own before you bring the phone to the service center. Backlight has certain component arrangements especially for Iphone with these Iphone series of 3G, 3GS, 4G, 4S, 5, 5S, and 5C, they have same arrangement of backlight components. You need to take apart some components of fuse, coil, and IC of backlight. You can have the chart of Iphone backlight from the internet to know what part to take.

iPhone 5 LCD IC / Coil
iPhone 5 LCD IC / Coil

The first step before you take apart the components, try changing the LCD. For some cases, by changing the LCD, the problem has been solved. However, if the LCD changing does not work, do the reboot then check the IC component. If the IC is in a good condition, it means that by cleaning it using soft material such as soft brush, the problem is solved. Yet, if there is no change after the IC cleaning, it means that, the Iphone needs the IC changing. If you want to do this method yourself, ensure yourself that you understand about the component in order to avoid other damage because of wrong procedure.

You may also try to re-hot the IC or coil coil just like the picture below (for iPhone 5). Make sure to do it extra carefully.

In addition, when checking the IC and coil, also check deeply and carefully of the possibility of corrosion. Water can create the corrosion to the component’s circuit. If you find the corrosion spots, although, it is difficult to see; you have to clean it up. The cleaning can be done using the soft toothbrush and cleaner until the corrosion is cleaned off. If this way still has no result, you need to go to the service center to let the experts do their job because the components may need some replacements.

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