Review Withings Wireless Blood Pressure Monitor for iPhone

Review Withings Wireless Blood Pressure Monitor for iPhone

Review Withings Wireless Blood Pressure Monitor for iPhone

Appearance and Design

Withings Wireless Blood Pressure Monitor looks trendy and is anything but awkward to work with. The design is modern without compromising comfort, and naturally instinctive in its operation and look.

Withings Wireless Blood Pressure Monitor Setup

The Withings wireless Blood Pressure Monitor for iphone is permanently in a firm cylindrical form that enables the user to easily slip their arm through unlike most blood pressure cuffs. It takes a few minutes to download, setup the Withings Healthmate App. Once the Bluetooth connection is made you control the Blood Pressure monitor exclusively from the app

Withings Wireless Blood Pressure Monitor Usage

It is quite easy to take a measurement and see longitudinal trends in heart rate and blood pressure in use by the device. You can also take separate measurements for others, or include your Blood Pressure measurements taken elsewhere. Conveying this information as a report is a big feature that is a fine step toward enabling this device to help healthcare providers in managing patients that need to be monitored.

  • BP monitoring made easy
    The Withings Wireless Blood Pressure Monitor measures your systolic, diastolic blood pressure, and heart rate and then transmits those results to the Health Mate app on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch. Once it has that information, the app automatically compares the data to National Health Institute standards so you can better gauge the state of your health.
  • Health Mate application
    The free Health Mate application makes tracking easy by reminding you to take measurements and by providing useful information about blood pressure and hypertension. The app lets you measure your blood pressure in a single gesture, synchronizes it with your online account, and compares your results to the National Health Institute standards. It also allows quick sharing of data in Excel or CSV file format with your physician. In addition, Health Mate automatically graphs your readings to display blood pressure trends. The app even reminds you to never forget to take your blood pressure.
  • Accurate tracking
    FDA and medical CE approved, the Wireless Blood Pressure Monitor precisely monitors your blood pressure over time.
  • Connectivity choices
    The Wireless Blood Pressure Monitor can transmit measurements using its Bluetooth 4.0 connectivity or by a direct connection to your iPad, iPhone, or iPod touch using a standard USB cable.


  • High-accuracy systolic and diastolic blood pressure monitoring
  • Automatic wireless sync with Withings Health Mate app
  • Detailed results and recommended values displayed in the app
  • Dual connectivity (Bluetooth and USB with a iPhone or iPad cable)
  • Free Health Mate app to visualize trends and improvements