BrightVol | Cydia Tweak: Control Brightness using Volume Buttons

With the iPhone & iPod touch, I always wished they had the brightness slider in the Multitask Switcher like on the iPad, but unfortunately they don’t. Thanks to HASHBANG Productions, an iOS developer,  we now have the option to enable our volume buttons not only for volume controls, but also brightness controls with BrightVol. View the full review of BrightVol down below.

Tweak Name: BrightVol
Developer: HASHBANG Productions
Repo: BigBoss
Price: FREE

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Brightness Icons Cydia Tweak: Increase/decrease brightness straight from home screen

Tweak Name: Brightness Icons

Repo source: ModMyi
Price: Free Cydia Tweak
Requirements: iOS 4 or higher
Developer: akhiltolani

What does it do: Brightness Icons cydia tweak adds 2 home screen icons that increase or decrease your brightness! No more needing to go to Settings and adjusting your brightness on your device.

– Tapping the ‘up’ icon will increase brightness.
– Tapping the ‘down’ icon will decrease brightness.
– Tap & hold ‘up’ icon for 1 second to max the brightness or tap & hold ‘down’ for minimum brightness.
– Both icons can be moved around like your app icons so you can place them anywhere [inside folders, dock, & etc]