How-to Add Emoji Keyboard to iPhone (iOS 7)

How-to Add Emoji Keyboard to iPhone on iOS 7. In this tutorial, we will show you how-to add emoji keyboard to iPhone using iOS 7. This is actually same steps since iOS 5. We’ve showed you How-to Enable Emoji on iPhone iOS 5 in the past.

iPhone Emoji Keyboard
iPhone Emoji Keyboard

Step is just about the same on iOS7, you just need to setup the iPhone emoji settings.

1. Go to Settings > General > Keyboard
2. Select Add New Keyboard > scroll down and find Emoji keyboard and add it
3. Let’s test it out in a new text message! Just click the globe icon in the lower left.

If you have added any other keyboards (language), you will need to tap the globe more than once until you see the emoticons keyboard on your iPhone.

4. Tap the globe icon again to switch back to your regular iPhone keyboard.

This iPhone emoji keyboards can be used as iPhone Whatsapp Emoticons, iPhone BBM emoticons, or iPhone Facebook apps, actually all the apps on iPhone, but only iPhone recipient who’ll be able to see the emoji emoticons (except whatsapp for iPhone, as far as I know).

Watch the video:

How-to Add iPhone Emoji Keyboard

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Color Keyboard Cydia Tweak, Colorize your iPhone Keyboard

Works with iOS 4 and iOS 5
Not working for iPad

Color Keyboard Cydia Tweak will colorize your iPhonre keyboard.
Now, you can change colors of key buttons and you can easily put background picture on your iOS keyboard.

* Modify background color.
* Add background picture.
* Modify foreground key color.
* Modify rounded rect radius of key

Once Color Keyboard has been installed, tap
Settings → Color Keyboard → Select Theme → (Tap the Theme Name You Want) → Save & Respring (Top Right)

Keyboard theme folder location: /Library/ColorKeyboard/Themes/

No new icons are added to your homescreen. You can easily configure options through the Settings app.

See further below for Screenshots

Author: Yoo Seung Kim
Repository: BigBoss Repo
Section: Tweaks
Requirements: iOS 4, iOS 5, iPod Touch, iPhone
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ManualCorrect Cydia Tweak, Auto Correct The Mistyping

ManualCorrect is a very useful cydia tweak that lets you type without Auto Correct butchering your sentences; it only corrects a word when you tap on the correction.

ManualCorrect is a new Cydia tweak that let’s you type without auto correct butchering your sentences; it only corrects a word when you tap on the correction. Sometimes you are not sure about spellings and you feel embraced if you are about to send a text message. Notably, the iOS auto correct feature will detect the mistype and automatically correct it unless you tap the X button.

ManualCorrect Cydia Tweak
ManualCorrect Cydia Tweak. Image credit:

Please note that as this tweak require Cydia therefore it is necessary for you to have a jailbroken iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch. No new icons will be added to your springboard and there are no options to configure in settings.

If you want to change behavior of auto-corrected typing, then ManualCorrect is a must-have cydia tweak to install.

ManualCorrect Pro ($0.99 on Cydia) looks to improve upon what the free tweak offers by adding custom correction settings, punctuation correction, and a quick access SBSettings toggle.

Watch ManualCorrect in action

Name: ManualCorrect
Developer: Aaron Lindsay (aerialx)
Requirements: iOS 4, iOS 5
Repo: BigBoss Repo
Price: $.99 (PRO) / Free Cydia Tweak

Send us your thoughts about ManualCorrect Cydia Tweak on the comment section below! See other Cydia Tweak and Cydia Apps on the topic’s category menu on the left!

iTypeWriter Cydia Tweak TypeWriter Feel For Your Keyboard

iTypeWriter for iPhone is The most realistic type writer sound effects available in Cydia. This tweak adds the most realistic type writer sound effects available in Cydia to your iOS Keyboard including: Backspace,Return (Ding!), Space, and every key press dynamically changing. No word will sound the same.

iTypeWriter also gives the ability to add Haptic Feedback (Device Vibration). This is NOT a WinterBoard theme, but a MobileSubstrate tweak.

NOTE: Turn OFF the default keyboard ‘Click’ sound via Settings → Sounds → Keyboard Clicks for this to operate as expected. iTypeWriter Preferences located in Settings>iTypeWriter

Name: iTypeWriter
Developer: skram
Repository: ModMyi Repo
Price: $0.99