How-to Add Emoji Keyboard to iPhone (iOS 7)

How-to Add Emoji Keyboard to iPhone on iOS 7. In this tutorial, we will show you how-to add emoji keyboard to iPhone using iOS 7. This is actually same steps since iOS 5. We’ve showed you How-to Enable Emoji on iPhone iOS 5 in the past.

iPhone Emoji Keyboard
iPhone Emoji Keyboard

Step is just about the same on iOS7, you just need to setup the iPhone emoji settings.

1. Go to Settings > General > Keyboard
2. Select Add New Keyboard > scroll down and find Emoji keyboard and add it
3. Let’s test it out in a new text message! Just click the globe icon in the lower left.

If you have added any other keyboards (language), you will need to tap the globe more than once until you see the emoticons keyboard on your iPhone.

4. Tap the globe icon again to switch back to your regular iPhone keyboard.

This iPhone emoji keyboards can be used as iPhone Whatsapp Emoticons, iPhone BBM emoticons, or iPhone Facebook apps, actually all the apps on iPhone, but only iPhone recipient who’ll be able to see the emoji emoticons (except whatsapp for iPhone, as far as I know).

Watch the video:

How-to Add iPhone Emoji Keyboard

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How-to Get WhatsApp Emoticons for iPhone

How can I get emoticons and smileys in WhatsApp iPhone app?

WhatsApp Emoticons for the iPhone
WhatsApp Emoticons for the iPhone

WhatsApp, a simple real time messaging App for iPhone and many other smart phones. By default there is no emoticons built in to the iPhone WhatsApp app. But you can enable emoticons using some free and simple third party Apps. You don’t need to install 3rd party apps if you are using iOS 5 or iOS 6 on iPhone. You can simply enable emoji emoticons and smileys on iOS 6 and iOS 5. Read more: How-to Enable Emoji Emoticons on iPhone

Enable Emoji Emoticons and Smileys in WhatsApp on iPhone

  • Tap Settings → General → Keyboard
  • Enter into International keyboards and click on the “Add New Keyboard” button.
  • There after the language selector menu (Globe icon) would have an option to use emoticons.
  • Switch between different Emoji themes by tapping the icons at bottom.


iOS 6 has introduced some additions to these emoticons. Upgrade your iPhone software to enjoy the new Emoji Updates. Click Here to Install iOS 6 on your iPhone.

How-to Enable Emoji on iPhone iOS 5 (without Jailbreak)

How-to Enable Emoji on iPhone / iPad / iPod Touch (without Jailbreak)

Do you know that Emoji emoticons is available on default iPhone keyboard since iOS 5, and also iPod Touch and iPad.

If you don’t know emoji, it is “picture” + “letter” in japanese, is a set of picture characters used in Japan much in the same way as emoticons here in the US. But Emoji offers more variety of images than emoticons which are typically limited to just expressing an emotion or facial expression such as winking ;-).

Samples of emoji emoticons:

Emoji emoticon emotion for iPhone

Since iOS 5, Apple offers top 10 features, also 200 new features are available, emoji emoticons is one of those 200 new features.

Follow these steps to enable emoji emoticons on iPhone / iPod Touch / iPad:

  1. Open Settings
  2. Tap General → Keyboard → International Keyboards → Add New Keyboard

  3. Scroll down and find Emoji and tap on it. Done.
    Emoji emoticon iOS 5

Now, you have emoji available on your message app on iPhone. To display emoji emoticons on keyboard, tap the international keyboard (globe) icon and insert any emoticon you would like to use by tapping on it.

International Keyboard Icon on iOS 5

Now, as you can see the emoji emotion has been added to your text message. Send it when you are done.

Emoji iOS 5

That’s How you Enable Emoji on without Jailbreak. See more iPhone tutorial! Subscribe to SenseiPhone, Join Facebook and follow twitter for more good iPhone stuff!