Top Five Free iOS Apps Week 4 January 2013

Apple releases most of the games in the iTunes store each Thursday. We will be sharing the top Free and Paid apps of the week here each Thursday or Friday. So please bookmark the site and check back each week for the Top apps os the week. However, we will be sharing top apps daily here as well. So be sure to stay close each day for the top app of the day. There’s a lot of fresh apps being released and many great ones. So let’s dive into this weeks Top Five Free Apps.
Old Clockmakers Riddle
Half-Inch Heist
Downfall: Clash of Factions
Kingdom Conquest 2
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Five Free Awesome iOS Apps January 21, 2013


Free applications are definitely one of my favorite categories for browsing.  We have put together five free application all users will enjoy.  These will be some of the hottest applications in 2013.  That’s a bold statement but you can hold me to that one.  The app store is full of thousands of applications with hundreds more added each day.  Why bother sifting through all that when you can come to for all the latyest and greatest applications. Be sure to bookmark the site and check back often.  We will update at least three times a week and probably more depending on what occurs in the iTunes app store.


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watch the video below for a look inside each applications.  Feel free to leave a comment and share your favorite applications with al the readers here.


Temple Run 2 iOS App Hack/Cheat: Billion Coins For Faster Advancement and GamePlay

temple run 2 hack

Would you like to have unlimited saves for playing Temple Run 2? Add Billion coins for buying unlimited upgrades for improved gameplay. Start from the last place you where killed to complete levels faster.

This is a very easy hack for any device which can run the new Temple Run 2. This hack can be done on either PC/Mac computers. First thing you need to download is i-Fun-Box from Simply download and follow on screen instructiions to install. You will also need the following file for adding to the game for the hack. Download the following file and install as shown in the video. Watch the video review below for a walk through of step by step instructions for completing the game hack or cheat. Feel free to leave a comment below.

Five Free iOS Apps Released January 17, 2013

top free apps

Awesome new Free iOS apps for January 17, 2013. We are working hard to bring you all the best free applicatiomns released throughout the month. However, due to the volume of apps released we may include an app which was released from a while ago. Although most of the applications reviewed will be from the previous and current month. we hope you enjoy and the best way to show your gratitude is by leaving a comment and hitting the like button. Watch the video below for the latest review.

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