Grand Theft Auto: Vice City starts rolling out to the App Store!

Rockstar brought us a teaser a couple of weeks ago for their upcoming iOS version of Grand Theft Auto: Vice City celebrating their 10th anniversary for the game. The game has officially made its way to the App Store today, starting with the New Zealand and Russian stores, and it should make its way to the United States and elsewhere shortly. The app is selling in New Zealand for around $5 USD.

Will you be playing GTA: Vice City for the holidays?

Vice City is now available in US iOS App Store.

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Rail Maze: A fun rail game!

Rail Maze has over 100 puzzles that are all challenging and unique puzzles that allow you to build railroads, bomb through various obstacles and escape some pirates on rails. There are tunnels, bombs, pirate trains and super long trains. You can then go and compete against your friends with the built in scoreboard via Scoreloop. There are four game modes. These are:

  • ‘Labyrinth’, a puzzle game mode.
  • ‘Build Railroad’, an action game mode.
  • ‘Snake’, an action game mode.
  • ‘Longest Railroad’ which is both a puzzle and an action game mode!

You have to get the train from the start to the finish without any crashes. You do this with the help of track pieces which can rotate in 90 degrees segments. If you are unsure what I am talking about, check this: This game is best suited to people who like puzzle games. If you like games such as Angry Birds then this would be a good game for you, however if you don’t like puzzle games you will probably get annoyed often and find it to be more of an annoyance than fun. The game gets considerably harder when you progress so give it some time if you find it too easy at the start.

iOS Link | Mac App Store Link | Gameplay Video


Rollercoaster Builder Travel; A great puzzle game!

Rollercoaster Builder Travel is a great game for puzzle game fans. Your task/goal is to build a rollercoaster track from one side of the screen going through as many gold pieces on the way through to the other side making sure to not crash.

You get one theme for free and then two extra themes via DLC. Each of the themes have 10 stages, so combined with the two extra themes you get 30 missions in total that constantly get harder. If you don’t make it perfect first time; don’t worry, you can replay the game as much as possible until it gets perfect. When you finish the stage you can view a replay video.

If you are unsure about whether you would like this game watch this youtube video: – It shows someone playing through the first 5 levels of this game.

Get Rollercoaster Builder Travel app on iTunes:

Doodle God Lite; Be your own god

Ever wanted to create your own world? Well now you can with Doodle God Lite by mixing and matching various elements and gradually working your way up going from creating bacteria and beetles with only four basic elements up to tools, weapons and more requiring tens or hundreds of elements! Don’t worry if this sounds too complex; every time you create a new item/procedure you get the wit and wisdom from some of the greatest philosophers and comedians with hundreds of interesting quotes. You can create over 100 advanced items and concepts! With intuitive ‘one-click’ gameplay you are encouraged to be creative and thoughtful when playing.

iTunes Store link