Unlock Baseband 2.0.12 iOS 5.1.1 supported by Gevey Ultra SIM

Looking for a method to unlock baseband 2.0.12 on iOS 5.1.1? You can easily unlock your iPhone 4 baseband 2.0.12, 2.0.10, as well as previous baseband versions with Gevey Ultra S.

For those who don’t know about Gevey SIM, it is a micro SIM-sized piece of plastic which should be inserted along with the micro SIM card you desire, some of you may know it as SIM interposer, just like the Turbo SIM era in the past.

Gevey SIM Interposer Unlocks Baseband 02.0.12
Gevey SIM Interposer Unlocks Baseband 02.0.12

There are several SIM interposers to unlock iPhone4 or iPhone4S, Gevey is the one of them, such as: TPSIM, R-SIM Rgknse, GPPSIM, etc.

Gevey SIM is not the same as ultrasn0w though both of them do the same thing, unlocks iPhone. The difference is that ultrasn0w unlock is software-based while Gevey SIM is a hardware-based. But unfortunately, ultrasn0w will only be able to unlock baseband 01.59.00, while gevey is capable of unlocking all iPhone4 and iPhone4S baseband versions.

Also, gevey SIM doesn’t require a jailbreak like ultrasn0w does. Though AppleNBerry is pretty damn bad for stealing FREE SAM Unlock method and sell it through their Gevey product, they’re wicked alternative in iPhone unlocking solution.

So, if you need to unlock baseband 2.0.12, you may consider to purchase Gevey SIM as ultrasn0w seem to be lack of updates recently.

Gevey Ultra and R-SIM IV cannot Unlock 04.12.01 and 04.11.08

Gevey Ultra and R-SIM IV cannot Unlock 04.12.01 and 04.11.08. If you think to buy Gevey or R-SIM to unlock iPhone4 baseband 04.12.01 or baseband 04.11.08, think again!

Last week, we were so excited to let you know that Gevey Ultra is able to unlock baseband 04.12.01 and 04.11.08. There also R-SIM IV Rgknse which claimed to be able to unlock baseband 04.11.08 / baseband 04.12.01, etc.
Apart from SAM Unlock method, Gevey and R-SIM Rgknse are the only solution for iPhone 4 unlock.

Gevey Ultra Cannot Unlock baseband 04.11.08 and 04.12.01
Gevey Ultra Cannot Unlock baseband 04.11.08 and 04.12.01

Unfortunately, Gevey and R-SIM IV no longer working when Apple patched the SAM unlock method.

What is this mean?

Yep, as you expect, they are stealing the SAM unlock method then applied it to their products, both Gevey Ultra and R-SIM4 Rgknse. So, once the SAM method has been patched by Apple, no doubt that their method being useless since the Gevey and R-SIM stealing the FREE unlock method that relies on ICCID exploit which developed by loktar_sun.

AppleNBerry already apologized for this “stealing” thru their official website

Unfortunately, the GEVEY™ Ultra 5.1 for GSM iPhone 4 will no longer unlock the iPhone 4. The unlocking mechanism used in this model was based on Loktar Sun’s discovery of an Apple server logic error that took advantage of an ICCID bug to unlock the iPhone modem firmware. On April 27, Apple fixed this bug.
Apple N Berry, LLC is accepting returns for all GEVEY™ Ultra 5.1 for GSM iPhone 4 purchased on our website. Customers who haven’t received their shipment yet will automatically receive a full refund via their payment method chosen during checkout. Paypaly usually returns funds to user accounts within 10 days after we issue refunds.

All other GEVEY™ hardware unlock solutions continue to unlock their respective iPhone models. This recall is only for GEVEY™ Ultra 5.1 for GSM iPhone 4 SKU GV-00-0010.
Shanghai Ai Guan Digital Technology Co., Ltd., the rights holder of GEVEY™ brand products, is taking full responsibility for this recall and has vowed to avoid incorporating server-side exploits in future GEVEY™ products.
Again, all customers who have purchased the GEVEY™ Ultra 5.1 for GSM iPhone 4 SKU GV-00-0010 will automatically receive a full, unconditional refund from Apple N Berry, LLC, including all applicable shipping and insurance fees.
We realize that a simple apology will not suffice for many loyal customers. We are working on future product updates and will surely make good on our commitment to customer satisfaction.

So please do not be fooled by those who claim able to unlock iPhone4 04.11.08 and 04.12.01 baseband with Gevey, R-SIM, or any other method which actually stealing the SAM Unlock method. And now, we understand that Gevey and R-SIM is copycat and love stealing free method for money. Watch out!

Gevey Ultra now Unlocks iPhone 4 Baseband 04.11.08 and 04.12.01

Update of Gevey Unlock Baseband 04.11.08 & 04.12.01

Gevey known to be “stealing” the free SAM unlock method, hence this “stolen idea” no longer working when the original idea has been blocked by Apple.

The new Gevey now Unlocks baseband 04.11.08 and also baseband 04.12.01 on your iPhone4.

You can actually unlock either baseband 04.11.08 or baseband 04.12.01 using SAM iPhone unlock method for free. As long as you save the SAM unlock ticket from the iPhone and don’t plan to change SIMs, then you can just stick with the SAM method.

But if you intend to use any SIM cards on iPhone4 (more than one) without worrying SIM card change, or planned to break the SIM in the future, then you may save the pain by having the Gevey that supports 04.11.08 and 04.12.01. However, both method require you to keep the iPhone baseband and iOS firmware on that version until further instructions.

Okay, no matter what your reason is, if you want to unlock baseband 04.11.08 or unlock baseband 04.12.01 with Gevey, it is available for purchase now.

Gevey Ultra Unlocks baseband 04.11.08 and 04.12.01
Gevey Ultra Unlocks baseband 04.11.08 and 04.12.01

The new GEVEY Ultra features

    Unlock baseband 04.11.08
    Unlock baseband 04.12.01
    Unlock baseband 01.59.00
    Unlock baseband 02.10.04
    Unlock baseband 03.10.01
    Unlock baseband 04.10.01

However, this Gevey version needs a jailbroken iPhone in order to unlock it. So, you will need to jailbreak (see: How-to Jailbreak) iPhone before you can use this Gevey. If you don’t intend to jailbreak your iPhone ever (yes, some people do) then you should not buy Gevey SIM to unlock your iPhone.

You’re required to install the latest Furious Mod file for proper operation.

[VIDEO] Unlock Baseband 2.0.10 iPhone 4S with GEVEY Ultra-S Version 1.6

Gevey SIM, the famous SIM interposer now lets you to unlock baseband 2.0.10 on iPhone 4S iOS 5.1 with the new Gevey Ultra-S version 1.6. It’s an updated version of Gevey Ultra-S, so if you purchased the Gevey Ultra-S before March 22, you will not be able to use it on iOS 5.1 and don’t even try to update your iPhone 4S to iOS 5.1.

In this version, you can unlock iPhone 4S baseband 2.0.10 iOS 5.1 on any GSM network. It doesn’t work on CDMA iPhone 4S, but soon there will be another new Gevey for GSM+CDMA iPhone 4S product which should be compatible with the CDMA iPhone 4S.

Gevey Ultra-S 1.6 Supports Baseband 2.0.10 Unlock
Gevey Ultra-S 1.6 Supports Baseband 2.0.10 Unlock

It’s pretty easy, just put micro-SIM card you wanted to use on the top of the Gevey, insert into the iPhone, viola!
iPhone 4S should be unlocked. Watch the video on the bottom.

GEVEY Ultra-S v1.6 features:

  • Unlock iPhone 4S on iOS 5.1, iOS 5.0.1, and iOS 5.0
  • Unlock Baseband 2.0.10, 1.0.11, 1.013, and baseband 1.0.14
  • GEVEY True Plug-and-Play Unlocking SIM Interposer
  • No Need to Dial International Emergency Number 112
  • Untethered Unlock with no Jailbreak Required
  • Compatible with all GSM iPhone 4S SIM Cards (Does not work on CDMA iPhone)
  • Complete Unlock with all 2G and 3G data services
  • No SIM Card Cutting or Physical Modifications
  • Guaranteed Better Reception than Previous
  • Decreased Power Consumption
  • In the packaging, you will get 1x Gevey Ultra-S with its custom SIM-tray to put your SIM-card on.

    Watch gevey ultra-s unlocking iPhone 4S baseband 2.0.10 in action

    If you have problem while unlocking baseband 2.0.10 with Gevey Ultra-S, post the details on the comment section below.