Unlock iPhone 4S 5.1 Baseband 2.0.10 with GPPSIM is possible now!

Hi, there is a good news for iPhone 4S users who still looking for unlock iPhone 4S 2.0.10 baseband on iOS 5.1.
Unlock iPhone 4S iOS 5.1 Baseband 2.0.10 with GPPSIM is possible now! GPPSIM has been updated to be compatible with iOS 5.1 to unlock your iPhone 4S. On the next software update, make sure you WILL NOT update iPhone software if you rely on iPhone unlock.

GPPSIM Unlock Baseband 2.0.10 iOS 5.1

The latest GPPSIM version now supports iOS 5.1, iOS 5.0.1, iOS 5.0 and baseband 2.0.10, 1.0.14, 1.0.13, and baseband 1.0.11 as well.
REMEMBER: GPPSIM Unlocks iPhone 4S only, incompatible with iPhone 4 Baseband 04.11.08 or earlier baseband versions. I’ve got lots of questions regarding this.

The feature is just the same as previous GPPSIM version, though you’ll need more step to unlock baseband 2.0.10 on iOS 5.1, but the rest specifications and features remain the same.

  • Plug & Play 1 Step Unlocking – Will Stay Unlocked
  • No jailbreak needed!
  • No dialing 112!
  • No need to pop the tray in and out!
  • No need to unlock again after losing signal!
  • No need to unlock again after airplane mode!
  • No need to re-unlock ever!!!
  • Unlock iPhone 4S on ALL GSM Network in the world!
  • Support 4S firmware versions including 5.1, 5.0, 5.0.1
  • Support iPhone 4S baseband including 2.0.10, 1.0.11, 1.0.13, 1.0.14
  • Does not damage phone or void warranty
  • Stable EDGE and 3G communication, 2G/3G dynamic switching
  • Supports MMS (multimedia message)

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Buy GPP SIM to Unlock iPhone 4S

Where to buy GPP SIM?

SenseiPhone.com sells GPPSIM and you can buy GPPSIM from us by using PayPal or Credit Card (processed by PayPal).

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Read FAQ

Can GPPSIM unlock my iPhone 4S?
Yes, of course! Check your iPhone 4S baseband version first. Tap Settings → General → About → Modem firmware.
If the modem firmware is 1.0.11 / 1.0.13 / 1.0.14 then you can unlock iPhone 4S with GPP SIM. The 2.0.10 baseband may be supported in the future.

Unlock Baseband 2.0.10 with GPPSIM is possible now!

Can it be used to Unlock iPhone 4 Baseband 04.11.08…?
Sorry, this is not for unlocking iPhone 4, no matter which baseband.

Can I update my iPhone software through Software Update while using GPPSIM?
NO! Don’t update if you rely on iPhone unlock.

Is GPP SIM Fake or Real?
You should see this video review of GPP SIM, GPP SIM unlocks 1.0.14 baseband on iOS 5.0.1 (9A406).

How much is GPP SIM?
It’s not much as Gevey Ultra S that cost $59.99. Lucky you by finding this senseiphone.com, because we offer $5 OFF by using our coupon code.

Can I unlock non-AT&T iPhone 4S?
Yes, for sure. You’ll need to set SIM PIN first tho. Included in intruction manual.

Is unlocking with GPP SIM legal?
Yes. US government announced that jailbreaking and unlocking iphones is completely legal on July 26th, 2010. You can unlock instantly without dialing 112.

Is it hard to unlock iPhone 4S with GPP SIM?
Again, you should see this video to convince yourself how easy iPhone 4S unlocking with GPP SIM is.

What’s on the package?

  • Genuine GPP SIM
  • Custom Metal SIM Tray
  • Activation Card No longer included
  • Instructional Manual

Activation card would be useful for iPhone 4S users who don’t have original SIM for activation and stuck on iOS 5 activation step.

Buy GPP SIM with Coupon Code

UPDATE: GPPSIM coupon code no longer exist, price has dropped to the lowest price.

Buy GPP SIM now

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[wp_cart:GPPSIM:price:[GPPSIM Version|GPPSIM iOS 5.1 Baseband 2.0.10,39.99|GPPSIM iOS 5.0/iOS 5.0.1 Baseband 1.0.11 1.0.13 1.0.14,27.99]:shipping:[Shipping Destination|USA Nationwide,4.50|Outside USA,12.00]:end]

Make sure you select the correct GPPSIM version.
For buyers from the U.S.A, GPPSIM will be shipped from California, no need to wait up to 3 weeks for shipping from Hongkong / China.
For outside USA buyers, GPPSIM will be shipped from Hongkong, it may take a few weeks to arrive.
Buy GPPSIM Unlock iPhone 4S

Unlock iPhone 4S with GPP SIM (GPPSIM Review)

GPP SIM Review just posted by iPhoneRepairMiamiBeach.com on YouTube. No need to find GPPSIM review anymore.

GPP SIM is iPhone 4S unlock solution that will work on iOS 5.0 and iOS 5.0.1 and GPP SIM supports 1.0.11 unlock, 1.0.13 unlock, and 1.0.14 unlock. Yeah, it simply unlocks any baseband version.

GPPSIM review

What about 2.0.10 baseband unlock on newly released iOS 5.1?

We’ve got no word confirming that GPP SIM will work to unlock baseband 2.0.10, but sure it should be updated soon. Just stay tuned on SenseiPhone.com

This videos shows you how to unlock iPhone 4S with GPP SIM unlock.
On the video is AT&T iPhone 4S with iOS 5.0.1 and baseband 1.0.14, just in a few minutes GPP SIM unlocks AT&T iPhone 4S ot be working on T-Mobile network. You can unlock without jailbreak, hassle-free iPhone 4S unlock steps.

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Unlock iPhone 4S with GPP SIM (Baseband 1.0.13, 1.0.14, 1.0.11)

If you find yourself still searching for iPhone 4S unlock solution, don’t escape from this site and keep reading the whole information provided below.

UPDATE#1: GPP SIM confirmed to be working for baseband 1.0.11 unlock, 1.0.13 unlock, and 1.0.14 unlock.

UPDATE#2: You can BUY GPP SIM here, we have coupon code for our visitors.

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