Ticking Noise on iPhone 5S Home Button

Getting the newest iPhone 5S is a dream for a lot of people, notably the Apple geeks. It has made lots of payroll checks being sacrificed just to get the device, warranted and wished for being the most perfect iPhone, at least until now. So even when the simplest troubleshoot being found on it, the coming complains is not being simple, it’s being as serious as possible.

iPhone 5S Different Color Models

Being long awaited, the iPhone 5S seems to draw complains as well as praises. The numero uno on the list is about the battery longevity, yet it soon be dusted off by the fact that almost every smartphone have the same issue, and usually it could be fixed by changing the online access setting.

The next is about the clacking sounds that the new iPhone 5S home button makes. At first, it is being blamed to the Touch ID fingerprint sensor the iPhone 5S has, yet changing the settings on the sensor still won’t erase the issue, or changing the phone with the new one will. For some user, the problem is hardly bothering, yet for the others, it can be so highly annoying.

Nevertheless, rather than severally products problem, the amount of the user’s complaints showed that the sound is a result from design flaws; even though the pitch level of the sounds are not uniform. This is why changing the product won’t fix iphone 5s clicky home button.

iPhone 5S Noise Clicking Home Button

There have been some success stories on getting rid of the noise by cleaning the phone’s home button with cotton and lubricating oil or isopropyl alcohol. It said that cleaning the dirt that stuck on the button would help to fix it.

Yet, this method still has some warning too, particularly on using the alcohol to the devices; if it is not applied carefully, it could break the warranty terms, and or even cause worse trouble to the devices.

However, this is normal and some people have checked the display models on Apple store they are the same. So it’s not a big issue and you should not be worry. Some users also reported that the sound gone after a few weeks of usage. So we don’t recommend you to perform any actions regarding iPhone 5S clicking noise.

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How to Fix iPhone 4 Home Button. DIY Repair

How to Fix iPhone 4 Home Button. DIY repair guide.

In this article, we are going to talk about the topic about fixing iPhone 4 home button. The iPhone 4 is better than the old iPhone. People like the design of the iPhone 4 better than the old iPhone, because the use of the metal material.

Fix iPhone 4 Home Button

Before the 4th generation of the iPhone, Apple use the plastic materials to make their iPhone. Since the iPhone 4, Apple changes the material with the metal material. This will boost the elegance look of the iPhone users, because the metal materials are better than the plastic materials. Besides, the camera of the iPhone 4 is much better compared to the camera on the older generation. People will be able to take the beautiful pictures through their phones.

However, many users find the troubles of this new device. It is the home button of the iPhone. With the simple design of the single button as the primary button, iPhone users will use the home button very often. Because of that reason, the home button in many iPhones is easy to broken. People find the dysfunction of the home button on their iPhones. If you worry about this problem, you should be calm down. There is the solution of this problem. You just need to find the tutorial about how to fix iPhone 4 home button.

Step to Fix iPhone 4 Home Button

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The home button of an iPhone 4 is not easy to be broken. However, some people use this button too much, so they broke the button and they have to push the button harder to make it works. If this condition is getting worse, you have to open the case of your iPhone and check the condition of your home button. However, the iPhone 4 case is not the same like the regular case of the other phones. You have to open the case using the screwdrivers.

Apple chose to use the body that cannot be open easily, because they do not want their user to get the difficulty of replacing the battery ant the other component. Besides, it will boost the elegance look of the phone. Because of that, we cannot easily open the case of the iPhone 4 like the other phones on the market.

If you want to get the best method of how to fix iPhone 4 home button, you have to find the pentalobe screwdrivers to open the back case.

After you open the back case and check the condition of the home button, you can fix the home button or replace it with the new one. Usually, the broken home button needs the replacement, because the condition is not good any more.

The rapid use of the home button will break the home button in the faster way. However, you should be careful to take the components of the iPhone 4.
There are several main components in the iPhone 4. They are the motherboard, battery, and the LCD of the iPhone 4.

After you replace the new home button, you have to be careful to put the back case right in its place. The wrong method of putting the back case back to the iPhone 4 will give you the big possibility to break the iPhone.

The replacement of the home button is not easy to do. You have to do it with the high level of concentrate. If you do not have the skills to unpack and pack the iPhone, you should not do this repair by your own. You can ask the professional service to replace the home button of your iPhone. You just need to find the right seller and the right service to do the repairmen process.

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Enter DFU without Home Button (How-to Guide)

Enter DFU without Home Button (How-to Guide)

iPhone Home Button

The tutorial provided below will show you how-to enter DFU without Home button. In case you got an iPhone with broken home button and hardly entering DFU mode for that reason, this guide would be very helpful for you.

With the new feature in redsn0w, you can easily enter DFU mode without pressing home button at all by using a custom IPSW file, helpful for those who has broken or unresponsive home button. What DFU IPSW feature actually do is creating custom IPSW (iOS firmware file) that will cause the device to enter DFU mode at the end of iTunes restore mode then you can restore the IPSW to your device to help you entering DFU mode without need to press Home + power buttons as normal DFU steps.

You device doesnt need to be jailbroken. Enter DFU mode by simply restoring the created DFU IPSW.

Follow these steps to enter DFU mode without home button. You may also do this to enter DFU without power button (in case your power button is broken, which is rarely happen).


  • Download redsn0w 0.9.14b2
  • Download IPSW of your current iOS version

Steps to create custom DFU-mode IPSW to help you Enter DFU without Home Button

  1. Download all required files and put them in a new folder in Desktop.
  2. Extract redsn0w 0.9.14b2 you have downloaded in the same folder

  3. Set Windows compatibility for redsn0w and run redsn0w as administrator

  4. From redsn0w main menu, click Extras → Even More → DFU IPSW

  5. A DFU-mode IPSW workaround pop-up appears to explain what it does. Click OK.

  6. Now you will be asked to select IPSW you have downloaded earlier. Select the file and click Open

  7. While the process starts, you just need to wait while redsn0w creating custom DFU-mode IPSW

  8. Once finished, a pop-up alert appears to let you know that custom DFU-mode IPSW file has been created with the file location.

  9. All you need to do now is saving this custom IPSW file in a safe place so you can easily find it every time you need to enter DFU mode without home button.
  10. And now, how-to use this file to help you enter DFU mode without Home button?

    Simply connect your iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad with the broken home button → Open iTunes → Create Backup of your device first (Right Click on the device in iTunes → Backup)

    Right click iTunes then Backup
    Right click on iTunes then Backup
  11. Make sure that iTunes has finished backup your device now you can click on the device → Summary Page; hold down shift key on keyboard (Option/Alt key on Mac keyboard) and click Restore button on iTunes

  12. You will now be asked to select DFU-mode IPSW which created on previous steps. Select the file and click Open

  13. Once your device has been restored, it should be dumped into DFU mode now with black screen remain (without the iTunes logo on the screen) and you can use it as you wish (Jailbreak / Downgrade Baseband / etc).

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If you have followed the steps carefully but still unable to enter DFU mode without home button, please post your problem on the comment section below.

How-to Repair iPhone4 Home Button Flex Cable

Repair iPhone4 Home Button Flex Cable do-it-yourself guide.

If your home button is just a bit unresponsive, you may try this trick: Fix Unresponsive iPhone Home Button
Warning: This repair will void your warranty.
You are performing this repair at your own risk.
We claim no responsibility for any damages that might occur.

Repair iPhone4 Home Button Flex Cable
Repair iPhone4 Home Button Flex Cable

On a level scale, it’s a hard repair and it may take about a 45 minutes or more to replace / repair iPhone4 home button flex cable.

See iPhone4 Home Button Flex Cable Repair Tutorial

If you think that you won’t be able to Repair iPhone4 Home Button Flex Cable yourself, consider to take your iPhone to iPhone repair service center in your area.