Maroo Maunga II iPad Cover (iPad2 & iPad3) Reviews and Unboxing

Here is a short review of Maroo Maunga II iPad Cover for iPad2 and iPad3 with unboxing video available.

Maroo Maunga II iPad Cover
Maroo Maunga II iPad Cover

Details of Maroo Maunga II iPad Cover (for iPad2 & iPad3)

  • High quality, fine leather design
  • SGBumpers securely protects your iPad 2
  • Portfolio style for 360-degree protection
  • Foldable front cover for easy typing and video viewing
  • Easy carry handstrap for maximum comfort
  • Opening in cover for camera functionality
  • Smart Magnet sleep/wake functionality
  • Total access to all buttons and jacks
Maroo Maunga II iPad Cover
Maroo Maunga II iPad Cover

Maroo Maunga II iPad Cover is made of nylon (the plaid part) and soft suede it’s not a bulky cover. Keeping that in mind this iPad cover won’t offer significant drop protection but provides adequate protection for most everyday situations. The amazing Bumper thingy that holds the iPad 2 in though is amazing. The support there is exceptional and works perfectly with ZAGG InvisibleSHIELD for iPad. That Maroo Maunga II iPad Cover still allows you to have a good screen protector in place earns it brownie points.

Maroo Maunga II iPad Cover
Maroo Maunga II iPad Cover

Two elastic loops flip from the inner cover around the back to keep it in place when in a backpack or at your beside and also will hold the cover open if desired. Using the same magnetic technology as the Smart Covers the front cover sticks gently to the iPad2 and iPad3 as well as offering the same on-off feature. It also has the ability to fold into two different standing positions while in landscape mode.

Maroo Maunga II iPad Cover (iPad2 & iPad3)
Maroo Maunga II iPad Cover (iPad2 & iPad3)

Watch the unboxing video of Maroo Maunga II iPad Cover

The Maroo gives up some of itself to the iPad and that’s a good thing. One of the features is the magnetic Apple Smart Cover emulation. When you open it the iPad 2 senses it and lights up, close it and it goes to sleep. The problem is that it doesn’t work well. Because of the soft spine it’s very easy for the front of the case to slide around just a little bit. When that happens, the iPad wakes and sleeps and clicks.

It’s very easy to trigger this annoying occurrence. There are two elastic bands at the outer edge which will secure the front to the back of the case. That stops the waking clicking syndrome. Though, it is a bit of a hassle to engage these bands every time you want to close it.

I see that more as when you are ready to travel with the iPad it secures the case more completely. For that it’s fine, but if you’ve ever seen a Kindle case, its long rubber band is way easier to deal with for a similar purpose.

Smart Cover, a must have iPad accessory

An iPad apart from its functionality, is indeed a work of art that is clearly evident in the fine aesthetics that the product displays, so when the original iPad was covered by cases both leather and fabric, which not only hid the beauty of this cool gadget, but also made the gadget heavy and thick.

Smart Cover in colors

Steve Jobs, Apple Inc’s CEO was quick to recognize this issue and made amends when he released his brand new iPad2. The result was a cool and must have accessory for the iPad2 and it has been called the iPad Smart Cover.
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