iPad Pro Release Date: We won’t see it this year

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We all were expecting iPad Pro this year but it seems that the iPad Pro release date will be pushed to next year i.e 2015 due to production cost and design finalization. One of the reliable source of KGI Securities told to iDigital Times that

Compared with lower-margin iPad mini with Retina display, which shipments has been tepid, higher-margin iPad Air was a hot selling item in 4Q13, which will slow Apple in developing new iPad mini models. We believe Apple plans to launch upgraded iPad Air early this year, and will accelerate development of 12.9″ iPad. As such, more resources will be allocated to these two products, which will affect the progress of the development of new iPad mini. All told, we think chances of the debut of a new iPad mini in 2H14 are slim. In addition, the 12.9″ iPad is unlikely to be offered in 2014. For these reasons, we predict the only new iPad product in 2H14 will be the upgraded iPad Air.

There is a high possibility now that this time we will be seeing an upgraded iPad this year and most expected an iPad which is lighter or of similar weight but with fingerprint sensor. As far as iPad Pro rumor is concern it is expected that it will be having 2 displays one of 2K and another of 4K resolution.

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iPad Pro Specs, Accesories, and Rumors: Sapphire Glass Display, Eye Tracking and Keyboard Cover

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After the success of iPad Air and iPad Mini 2, Apple is all set to launch a new version of Apple iPad which will be Apple iPad Pro. It will be having a bigger screen, better screen resolution and high-end processor. As per the latest rumors there are high chances of Apple revealing a bigger version of iPad with features like Sapphire Glass Display, Eye Tracking and Keyboard Cover. As the the image leakes it shows how the new iPad Pro will look in terms of design and also starting prices have also be given.

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The iPad Pro is also rumored to be shipping with a super duper spiffy 4K resolution. The display will be also be 12.9″. 4K display is graced with a resolution quadruple that of convention high def television. In a nutshell, the iPad Pro would be the highest resolution tablet on the market.

Source: Latin Post

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