LifeProof Frē Case iPhone 5 Review: See Water Test Here[Video]

Lifeproof Fre iPhone 5 Caes
Lifeproof Fre iPhone 5 Caes

Do you enjoy the outdoors or going to the beach but fear damaging your iPhone. Lifeproof has just released their latest case for the iPhone 5 called the Lifeproof Frē case. It sells for $79.99 at iOS lovers may purchase the Lifeproof case for the iPhone 4/4S/5. They offer a Lifeproof case for the iPad 2, 3, 4 as well called the Lifeproof Nūūd case.

LifeProof claims to protect against snow, water, shock, and dirt proof.

Watch the video review below for a look at the Lifeproof Frē case.

See how well it holds up in water.

[iPhone 4/4S Case] Incase Pro Snap Case Review

Review of Incase Pro Snap iPhone4S Case by outfityours

Incase Pro Snap iPhone 4S Case

The Incase Pro Snap Case for iPhone 4S is designed for those who want the minimalist form-fitting design of our bestselling Snap Case, but desire the enhanced protection of our Pro Slider.

iPhone 4S Case Incase Pro SnapiPhone 4S Case Incase Pro Snap

Like the Pro Slider, the Pro Snap features our signature hardshell construction and has rubberized sides for an additional layer of protection against drops and shocks to the edges and corners of your iPhone. Even better, it gives you a secure no-slip grip to help prevent accidental drops.

The easy snap-on attachment also lets you easily remove the Pro Snap and put it back on whenever you need. The Pro Snap Case: minimalist design and enhanced protection rolled into one.

    Durable hardshell construction
    Rubberized sides enhance edge and corner protection
    Better grip to prevent accidental drops
    Easy snap-on attachment
    Stand included

iPhone 4S Case Incase Pro Snap

This iPhone case is compatible with iPhone 4S, iPhone 4 for AT&T (GSM), and iPhone 4 for Verizon (CDMA).

Cassette Tape Case for iPhone 4/4S Review

Do you remember those good ol’ days when we had our cassette tapes and when we had to get a pencil in order to manually rewind them?! Yeah, those were the good ol’ days, but who says we can’t have them back?! Well, we can’t really get cassettes back into this modern day and age, but we can totally make our awesome iPhone fool people into thinking we still have cassette tapes! Especially holding them up against our ears?! This is a sweet looking case that disguises your iPhone into looking like a real cassette tape. I have fooled many people with it and love it! Not only is a sweet looking case, but it is very cheap! They have different colors to choose from: Black, Pink, Purple, Blue, Green and Red.

I picked mine up from Amazon for $3. Not too shabby at all for a sweet looking case. This gives you an awesome retro look making heads turn everywhere!

Check out the video for a full review and thoughts!

To pick one up for yourself, click here.

3 Super Cool iPhone Cases for Geeks

As an iPhone toting geek you love to show off your Apple mobile in a certain style not easily found in shelves at most brick and mortar stores. Instead you love to dress up and protect your device in something that either makes a statement or simply looks awesome. Be it a sci-fi geeky case or something minimalistic but still rad, we have something for everyone. See our list below of several cool iPhone cases aimed at geeks.

Let us know which one you like best? And feel free to share the one we should have included in our list but missed.

  1. Big Bang Theory iPhone Case

    Who’s cooler than the cast and crew behind the Big Bang Theory TV show? We can’t think of more popular geeks. This cool iPhone case features the phrase uttered over and over again by lead geek “Bazinga”. We found it online via Etsy seller (Nokomomo) and it’s a handmade cloth case you slip your iPhone into.

    Bazinga iPhone Case Geeks

  2. Darth Vader iPhone Case

    “I’m Your Daddy” proclaims this iPhone skin we found online via Etsy seller (Skunkwraps) and it’s excellently rad. The design, colors and graphics of this Darth Vader skin are quite stunning, not too mention would look great on your black colored iPhone.

    Darth Vader iPhone Geeks Case

  3. Angry Birds iPhone Case

    Ever since Angry Birds the game came out a year or two ago, it became an immediate and instant sensation. People love this game and anything associated with it, including the various plush animals made, pillows, t-shirts and now this very rad iPhone case. It’s a hard case you attach to the front and back of your mobile and with the bright red and yellow color, you’re sure to be a stand out among your friends. We found this one online via Think Geek.

    Angry Birds iPhone Case Geeks

Stay tuned as next time we profile geeky cases for the ladies. Sorry we left you out this time, but our next round up of iPhone cases will be just for you.

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