Fixing iPhone 5s Microphone Problem

Fixing iPhone 5S Microphone Problem

For some reasons, it is obvious that people want to have the latest type of smartphone since it will be used in their daily life. Having the latest smartphone allows you to have simplicity in your life since latest smartphone is usually fulfilled with many latest features that will be useful in your business. Moreover, if you are a businessman who needs to keep up with the latest information and you have fast mobilization in your life; it is a certain thing that your smartphone should be the latest one. Therefore, you should have at least iPhone 5S inside your pocket.
Having iPhone 5S allows you to have much simplicity since this smartphone is completed with many kinds of features.

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There is no doubt that you will feel helped to have this smartphone. This smartphone allows you to have an easy access to your email, personal account, having your schedules, and many kinds of things that you will need in your business. It is sure that there is no need for you to have more smartphone since this one is already enough to cover all of your business. It will be much better if your clients also use this iPhone 5S.

It is true that this smartphone gives you much simplicity in your daily business. However, it is sure that there is no perfection in anything. Some users of this smartphone find that they have a little problem with the microphone of their iPhone 5S. They have some issues about the microphone. For example, when they receive a call, the other person who calls them cannot hear their voice. Or else, the sound which comes out from the phone is not really good so they cannot maximize the use of this smartphone. It will surely bother your business if the microphone on your smartphone is broken.

Well, this annoying broken microphone on your iPhone 5S is actually small problem which can be modified easily. You can fix the problem of your iPhone 5S’ microphone if you know the cause of your problem. That is why you need to determine the problem of your iPhone 5S’ microphone. You need to know whether the problem really comes from your own phone or it is actually comes from the person who calls you. If the problem happens on your phone, you need to know the best way to solve your iPhone 5S microphone problem.

There are many kinds of thing that you can do in order to fix the iPhone mic problem of your iPhone 5s. The first of all, it is obvious that you can check the microphone setting on your phone.

You just need to click Setting > Privacy > Microphone.

Here, you will be able to know the permission of many applications which use the microphone. You just need to delete out the specific application which becomes the problem of your microphone. Another thing that you can do is by checking the noise cancellation feature on your iPhone 5S.

Turn Off iPhone Noise Cancellation to fix iPhone Mic issue
Turn Off iPhone Noise Cancellation to fix iPhone Mic issue

You just need to turn it off if it’s activated in order to make the microphone works again.

After you did the two things above, you need to see if there is any difference made from the solution that you do.

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It will be great if your phone’s microphone works again since it means you do not have other problem left. However, if there is nothing happens to the microphone and the problem is still there, make sure that you have to contact Apple customer service so they can find out and fix iPhone mic issue as soon as possible.