Enable Airplane Mode on iPhone and Use WiFi

Question: If I enabled airplane mode on iPhone and Use WiFi, is that possible?

airplane mode iphone and wifi enabled at the same time
airplane mode iphone and wifi enabled at the same time. Image souce: arstechnica.net

Answer: Yes, you can enable airplane mode and still your iPhone on WiFi.

See the following video to see how to enable iPhone airplane mode and WiFi at the same time.

In this video you can see how to put iphone in airplane mode and if you put your iPhone on airplane mode all radio(s) function will be off. Go to Settings – WiFi to enable the iPhone Wi-Fi access in airplane mode.

What happens when I put my iPhone on airplane mode is disabling the radio(s) (cellular, bluetooth, wi-fi) from being functioning as normal. Everything else will still work as usual. However, you may turn the WiFi back on in Airplane mode.

It’s possible because more aircraft are now allowing passengers to use WiFi during their flight in case the plane is equipped with on board WiFi so you can enjoy WiFi connectivity.

That’s why it called smartphone.

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