LifeProof Frē Case iPhone 5 Review: See Water Test Here[Video]

Lifeproof Fre iPhone 5 Caes
Lifeproof Fre iPhone 5 Caes

Do you enjoy the outdoors or going to the beach but fear damaging your iPhone. Lifeproof has just released their latest case for the iPhone 5 called the Lifeproof Frē case. It sells for $79.99 at iOS lovers may purchase the Lifeproof case for the iPhone 4/4S/5. They offer a Lifeproof case for the iPad 2, 3, 4 as well called the Lifeproof Nūūd case.

LifeProof claims to protect against snow, water, shock, and dirt proof.

Watch the video review below for a look at the Lifeproof Frē case.

See how well it holds up in water.

A $100,000 iPhone 5 Case features natural sapphires and rubies

The industry predicts that Apple will sell an estimated 48.2 million iPhone 5 units by end of December. So even though the excitement of this new iPhone will last, well, maybe a few months – let The Natural Sapphire Company make your excitement last forever.

Well you can now take your iPhone 5 to the next level with this ridiculous but very shiny case which is worth $100,000. New York based company, The Natural Sapphire Company, has put together this case for your iPhone 5 which base of the case is made completely from 18k white gold while the outside of the case has diamonds all the way around and then the Apple logo is done with rubies.

The most expensive iPhone 5 case features natural sapphires and rubies
The most expensive iPhone 5 case features natural sapphires and rubies

This iPhone 5 case is superbly crafted of 18kt white gold and set with 2,830 natural blue Ceylon sapphires, totaling 169.8 carats. The Apple logo is defined with 38 incredibly colored natural rubies totaling 2.28 carats, and the Apple’s leaf is a single marquise cut natural green sapphire.

The total cost for this amazing case is $100,000

The most expensive iPhone 5 case
The most expensive iPhone 5 case

The stones used to make this extraordinary iPhone 5 case are sourced from mines in Sri Lanka, Madagascar, Africa, and Thailand with a strong emphasis on fair trade practices and sustainability while the case itself is made in New York City, America.

This is one of the most ridiculous things ever but I’m sure one of the Kardashians gonna love this iPhone 5 case.


Next Gen iPhone case suggests the iPhone 5 will be thinner, wider and longer

A leaked case for the next generation iPhoneVarious rumors have been circulating the internet regarding the next generation iPhone will have a similar form factor to the iPhone 4. However now 9to5Mac discovered some cases that can accommodate a iPhone that is thinner, wider and longer.

9to5Mac claim that there is a slight tear drop in the design and instead of being of constant thickness the case goes from thick at the top to thin at the bottom. The sources also shared some information regarding the dimensions of the case. The case is 5 inches tall and 2.8 inches wide. The cases are designed to be a tight fit so we can assume the iPhone 4S/5 will be only a few millimeters smaller. In comparison the iPhone 4 is 4.5 inches tall, 2.31 inches wide.

The cases cannot be confirmed to fit the next generation iPhone but the sources state that the information used to design and manufacture these cases have come from proven industry sources like the ones that managed to acquire the iPad 2’s information and dimensions that were amazingly accurate and then provide them to case manufacturers a few months before the debut of the product in March.

As the time to launch date is increasingly shortening Apple are finding it difficult to keep info about it’s next generation iPhone secret. So more rumors and leaks are expected in the coming weeks.

Case Design hints at the iPhone 5 having a larger screen

With iPhone 5 rumors going full speed now, the larger screen rumor seems to be getting lots of attention. published two mockups of two new case designs that show the screen being edge to edge. People believe that Apple give blueprints of upcoming products to case designers and other accessory makers so they can have day one accessories.

However this hasn’t been confirmed or denied by Apple. However some case designers just go by the rumors on the internet so this could just be a case designer speculating the iPhone 5 having a larger screen and not knowing anymore than us about the upcoming iPhone 5.