How to Get Paid Apps & Gift Cards for FREE [No Jailbreak Required]

I recently started using a service called FreeAppLife, which allows you to get paid apps, gift cards, and even iOS devices completely for free. Seriously. With FreeAppLife, you download free apps and quickly start gaining points for those apps, then get rewarded by redeeming those points for paid apps available in the App Store, gift cards from Amazon or App Store, &  iOS devices! Within minutes of using FreeAppLife, I’ve accumulated enough points to get a $5-$10 app in the App Store! Pretty awesome!

*FreeAppLife is available on iOS devices only*

To get started, watch the video above & follow the steps below:

Step 1: On your iOS device, click here.

Step 2: Tap on Sign Up and enter your email address along with a custom password. This will allow to keep track of your points in case you clear your cookies from Safari in the future.

Step 3: When you sign up, tap on Unlock Sponsors > Activate FreeAppLife > Install. This will install FreeAppLife web-app to your device.
Step 4: Start downloading the free apps to get points! Be sure to leave the apps open and running for 30 seconds or more to receive the points.
When you’re finished downloading all the apps and feel like spending some points, head over to the rewards section!
To redeem more credits, you can refer your friends using your referral link or if you want to be awesome & want to support the site, give them ours

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How To Get Paid Apps For Free [No Jailbreak Required] 100% Legal

When it comes to buying apps for your iOS device, it can get very pricey when purchasing so many apps. Recently we came across a real easy & quick way to getting free paid apps for your iPhone, iPod touch, iPad mini, & iPad completely legal free! This method requires NO JAILBREAK.

FreeAppSlots is a web app, which simply uses your device identifier [UDID], and allows you to earn credits and redeem those credits for free apps by playing slots. When first beginning, you are credited with 10 free spins. Every additional day you come back, you get 2 additional spins. Also, you can earn more spins by inviting friends, LIKE’ing on Facebook, & downloading sponsored apps [the sponsored apps are free & must be open for at least 30 seconds to earn the free spins].


1. Go to on your iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad Mini or iPad, where you will be taken to the FreeAppSlots website, and press “Get Started”

2. Your iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad Mini, or iPad will now prompt you to install a provision. This just registers your device so that the website can keep track of your credits. Just accept, press Install, and then Install Now.

3. Now you’re ready to play, press “Play Now” and you will be taken to the game screen. Here you can press “Spin” to spin the slots, depending on the result of the spin, you receive a certain amount of credits, which can be seen in the top right corner.

4. FreeAppSlots gives every person 10 free spins on the slots. All spins are free, it’s just a matter of how you get them, you can invite friends, or download free apps. Tapping the “Get More Spins” button will show you a list of free apps, and how many spins each download is worth, you can download them to get more spins. BE SURE TO RUN APPS FOR 30 SECONDS TO RECEIVE SPINS.

5. Once you have collected enough credits, tap “Cash Out” to choose from various prizes. FreeAppSlots will allow you to choose prizes like paid apps, iPod Touch 5G, iPad Mini, iPad 4, and gift cards. Paid apps can be anywhere from 9,000 credits to 60,000 credits, but those credits easily add up.

6. Everybody gets 2 free spins every single day as well. The free apps that get you free spins are constantly changing so there are plenty of ways to get free spins. You can also invite friends via email or using a referral code, which will get you 5 free spins once they’ve downloaded and opened a free app for 30 seconds.

That’s it! Everything is free, you will never have to pay for spins, they are awarded to you for downloading free apps. Some of the free apps FreeAppSlots suggests are actually pretty fun and ones I would have never played if it wasn’t for this web-app.

Points should add up within a couple of days if you don’t get enough for a free app on the first day, just be patient. I was able to score 20,000 credits in one of my 10 free spins. I got a free app with simply one spin. This is very addicting when you stack up your spins. This FreeAppSlots is awesome! Not to mention, you can also win free Amazon gift cards, iTunes gift cards, and even an iPod Touch, iPad, or iPad mini!

Let us know what you have won so far in the comments down below.

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Chunli Fu of Qingdao, Apple Girl of China, Winner of $10,000 iTunes Gift Card

If you remember, a while ago Apple was celebrating the 25 billionth app download from the App Store and giving away a $10,000 iTunes Gift Card prize to Chunli Fu, a citizen of Qingdao, China.
On March 5, 2012, Apple announced that more than 25 billion apps have been downloaded from App Store by the users of the more than 315 million iPhone, iPad and iPod touch devices worldwide.

25 billion apps download iTunes wheres my water

“We’d like to thank our customers and developers for helping us achieve this historic milestone of 25 billion apps downloaded,”

said Eddy Cue, Apple’s senior vice president of Internet Software and Services.

When we launched the App Store less than four years ago, we never imagined that mobile apps would become the phenomenon they have, or that developers would create such an incredible selection of apps for iOS users.

The 25 billionth app downloaded was a free app called Where’s My Water?. Where’s My Water? is a puzzle video game developed by Creature Feep and published by Disney Mobile and available for both iOS and Android operating systems, requires players to route a supply of water to a fastidious alligator.

Chunli Fu the Apple Girl, as she called by local media, was was not a big fan of Apple, and purchased her iPhone just about a month ago and she was still learning how to use the App Store. She didn’t know anything about the competition until she was contacted by Apple.

Chunli Fu Qingdao Apple

“I feel extremely fortunate,” she said.
Fu says “I thought he was a liar and hung up the phone without listening to his explanation,” when she received a call from Apple’s staff in China as she report to a reporter from the Qingdao.

She was still confused when a friend told her that she received a prize from Apple, but did not believe her luck until she saw an email from Apple Inc stating that she is the winner of $10,000 iTunes Gift Card prize.

Many of Chunli’s friends called her to congratulate her on her good fortune. “They said I was so lucky, not because of the prize but because the probability of winning, which was less winning than the five million RMB (USD 792,300) lottery,” she said.

Chunli Fu Apple Qingdao China

Chunli Fu Apple Gift Card ChinaChunli Fu Qingdao China Apple iTunes Gift Card WinnerChunli Fu of Qingdao with Macbook

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