GuestMode on iPad with this Cydia Tweak

GuestMode cydia tweak will allow you to enable a Guest Mode that only allows the user access to the apps that you choose. Easily entered by tapping the “Guest” button from the lock screen.

Requires iOS 7

GuestMode gives you the ability to share your device freely and still protect your privacy. Let the kids play games on your device without worrying about them looking at your messages/calling people. Let your friends control your music, but not snoop through your photos or Safari tabs. You choose exactly which apps are accessible and which ones aren’t.

Multiple ways of enabling GuestMode including:
*Guest button on Lockscreen keypad
*Swipe left on Lockscreen
*Swipe right past passcode on Lockscreen
*Guest Passcode
*Activator gesture at Lockscreen

Provides a fully customizable guest experience that keeps you in charge. Compatible with all devices on iOS 7. Check out the screenshots for an example of some of the features.

Configure options from Settings.

Look at the guest button (below the 7) in the bottom left of the screen.

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[iPhone Theme] LS Striped Clock HD Lockscreen

If you are looking for cool iPhone theme, this could be one of your collection. Beautifully designed Live analog clock with a striped background.

This iPhone locksscreen theme features:

    – Live Analog Clock
    – Calendar Widget
    – Custom Slider
    – iOS 5.1.1 Compatible

LS Striped Clock HD Lockscreen

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Name: LS Striped Clock HD
Author: Formanite
Repository: ModMyi Repo
Price: Free iPhone Themes!

LockSpring Cydia Tweak Adds Respring Button On The LockScreen

LockSpring Cydia Tweak Adds Respring Button On The Lockscreen

Do you want to add respring button to iPhone|iPodTouch|iPad lock screen?

A Cydia Tweak developed by Smartviper E75 lets you to do this. He created a cydia tweak called LockSpring that lets you to add a respiring button to your lock screen and also enable/disable it straight from your lock screen.

As you can see on the screenshoots below, LockSpring Cydia Tweak adds the respring button along with ON/OFF switcher to enable/disable the button right from the lockscreen.

LockSpring Cydia Tweak
LockSpring Cydia Tweak

No configuration needed for LockSpring cydia tweak.

Watch LockSpring Cydia Tweak in action

Name: LockSpring
Developer: Smartviper E75
Requirements: iOS 5, iOS 6
Repo: BigBoss Repo
Price: Free Cydia Tweak

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MusicBanners Cydia Tweak | Add Notifications When Music Track Changes

This is another cool cydia tweak that will let you know when a song on your iDevice changes.

This cydia tweaks perfectly integrated into iOS 5, it will display banners for track changes on your lockscreen, in Notification Center, and also as alerts. Its notification timing is perfectly set, neither too late nor too early once a new track starts.

Not only the Apple’s default Music app, but 3rd-party music apps like Grooveshark, Spotify, Pandora, etc are supported by MusicBanners.

MusicBanners Cydia TweakMusicBanners Tweak Add Music NotificationsMusicBanners Display Notifications Music Changes

Personally, the minus part of MusicBanners is that you cannot configure how the MusicBanners will notify you, or at least to select where you can see the notification (i.e. only on the lock screen), you can’t set the timing of the notification period either.
But it’s not a big deal, it’s still a cool cydia tweak!

This tweak may not for every one, but if you love to keep notified when your music changes, this tweak is definitely for you.

Watch MusicBanners Cydia Tweak in action

Name: MusicBanners
Description: Adds Notifications for Music app, Spotify, Pandora, etc.
Price: Free Cydia Tweak
Repo: BigBoss
Developer: Ryan Petrich
Compatibility: iOS 5