Video: How-to fix “No sim card” iPhone error

The following video shows you How-to fix “No sim card iPhone” error. So this is what you need to do if iphone says no sim card installed.

How-to fix "No sim card" iPhone error

Step fix shown here is a little bit different with the other fix we explain here: no sim card iphone error.

So it’s best to check the following repair and the other fix on the link above for iPhone no sim card fix.

It’s not only iPhone 3GS shows no sim detected, but with the newer models iphone 4 no sim detected, iphone 5 no sim detected, iphone 5s no sim detected, and iphone 5c no sim detected are happened as well. It’s not a big deal if iphone says no sim card, just try some tricks we explained and you’re good to go.

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iPhone 5 getting “NO SIM Card Installed” Error

Your iPhone 5 getting “NO SIM Card Installed” Error, too?

No SIM card installed on iPhone 5
No SIM card installed on iPhone 5

So, I just got my brand new Aple iPhone 5 right out of the box and worked like a charm. But a few hours later, it says “no sim card installed“, “insert a valid sim with no pin lock to activate iPhone

I’ve rebooted the iPhone, tried the Reset Network settings option from Settings, ejected the tray and nothing works.

I called Apple and AT&T told the same thing: Go to AT&T store for a replacement nano-SIM card. Not only users with AT&T, some friends also had the same problem their my Verizon iPhone 5.
A few Rogers Canada users also reported the same issue.

Any of you having the same issue with your brand new iPhone 5?

Well, this is disappointing, but WAIT, keep reading before you blame every thing around you.

Here is quick fix for “no sim card installed” on iPhone 5, sorted with the easiest one at first.

  1. Pop out the iPhone 5 sim tray with a paper clip, made sure it was seated correctly and reinserted it. Problem should be solved. A friend was trying it a few times and flicking the little drawer in to the slot and it worked. You may need to wiggle a bit with the sim and try a few different positions.
    A user reported that his iPhone 5 intermittently working after taking card out three times, another one said need to take it out 10 times. More tips below.
  2. If the “NO SIM” message comes back, tried to turn the power off and on again, and you should see signals bar again.
  3. Doesn’t work? Try to power cycling the phone (let the iPhone 5 battery drains) and it should bring back your iPhone 5 alive.
  4. Another user reported that the following tips was flawlessly gets back his iPhone 5 normal. RECOMMENDED.

    Powered the phone down.
    I removed the SIM card.
    Use a small paper clip and insert in the sim card hole and push firmly. Don’t use a large paper clip. While they fit the hole, are too large to push on the mechansim that pops the card up.
    I lightly cleaned the SIM card contacts with an alcohol prep swab (the kind they use when you get a shot). Just so you know, I did try dry cleaning the SIM CARD with a soft cloth at first, but it didn’t work for me. Try it, if you don’t have the prep swab, it might work for you.
    I then made sure the card was dry of the alcohol before I reinserted the card in the phone.

    Restarted the phone.

    This solved my problem iPhone 5 “NO SIM Card” issue. The phone booted up normally.
    I hope it solves your problem too.

  5. Last but not least: some users experiencing the same problem happy to report that their iPhone 5 is now working after AT&T store changed the SIM card.

So, if you get “No SIM card Installed“, have been trying to Power off and get it worked again but then see “no SIM card” again, and even after removing card and cleaning, powering off, everything you can think of and still does not work, well looks like changing the SIM card will be the last the option to try.

It’s not the problem with the iPhone, but the SIM card. A users get a replacement iPhone 5 but re-used the old AT&T SIM card and gets the error back, and it went away after changing the SIM card.

That’s what we can do help you with iphone no sim repair. However, see more comments below to see other fix and trick when your iPhone keeps saying no sim card installed. OR, you can post your own method to when your iphone keeps saying no sim card installed.

The last 10 iPhone Fix & Repair guides on SenseiPhone

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