Take Full Advantage of Your Display By Removing Your Status Bar with ‘NoAppStatus’ – NO JAILBREAK REQUIRED

As of right now, there is still yet to be a Jailbreak for the iPhone 5. I, as many of you, want to tweak up our iPhone 5. Luckily we can somewhat do that with NoAppStatus via CydiaHacks and it requires no jailbreak! With NoAppStatus, you are able to take full advantage of your display by removing your Status Bar when in an app.
NoAppStatus has its limitations, but works with built-in web browser applications & web browsers. [ie. Tweetbot, Twitter, Chrome, & etc.]

For a full tutorial on how to use NoAppStatus, check out our video below.

How to activate NoAppStatus:

Open a web browser app or an app with a built-in web browser. We are using Tweetbot.

Visit CydiaHacks.com via app & select NoAppStatus. Since we are doing this via Tweebot, you can click on JBTech17’s Twitter page & click on the CydiaHacks link.

After selecting NoAppStatus via CydiaHacks, wait for 5 seconds and then click on the “Tap to remove the status bar from this app” button. Your status bar will now be removed.

**To bring back the Status Bar, you will simply need to fully close out the app**

Even though there is not a full compatible list of all the apps that work with NoAppStatus, we have tested it on a select few, and it worked great!
Let us know in the comments below which apps worked for you!
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