iOS7’s Hottest Jailbreak Tweaks

With the recent updating of Evasi0n’s Jailbreak tool to iOS7, most of the jailbreak community has been scouring Cydia’s repositories for some new tweaks to add to their device. Because of the hasty update of the software, many of the tweak developer’s had absolutely no head-start to update their tweaks to the iOS7 firmware, and I’m here to show you some of the most useful and fun tweaks that have been updated by their amazing developers.


Infinidock (Available for $0.99) – This tweak is by far one of my favorite tweaks that’s available on Cydia. It does exactly what the name implies. It allows you to add an infinite amount of apps on your dock, which you can scroll through at your own leisure. You can download this tweak for $0.99 on the Bigboss repository (It should be added as a default repository on Cydia, if not contact me and I’ll get you the URL)



Zeppelin (Free) – Unlike Infinidock which provides a more practical addition to your device, Zeppelin gives users a bit of freedom with their device. Basically what this tweak does is allows the user to change their Carrier Logo, or even add in some custom Carrier Text! One of the best parts about this tweak is that you can make your own logos if you know how, or you can simply download “packs” of them from different Cydia Repositories.

Some Zeppelin Logos
Some Zeppelin Logos


SBSettings (Free) – Just because Apple included a new Control Center with iOS7 doesn’t mean you don’t need an extra place to toggle on and off extra features such as Cellular Data, Location Services, or even Private Browsing. What this tweak does is allows you to “pull down” a small menu from which you can toggle features like the ones listed above, or even manually re-spring or re-boot your iDevice! Don’t like the theme? No problem! SBSettings comes pre-packaged with some extra themes to further your experience.




Phantom (Free) – I know most of you with Snapchat’s have gotten a snapchat and saved it, and later gotten “yelled” at by the other person because they saw you saved that photo right? If not, maybe it’s just me. But, the beauty of this tweak is that you can do all sorts of amazing things with Snapchat that most of your friends can’t do, like send photos from your camera roll, save photos without the sender knowing, or best of all, send Snapchats/videos over 10 seconds long! Granted, if a new Snapchat update comes along with awesome new features, you will have to wait for Phantom to update, or simply remove it until it’s updated by CokePokes (The developer). 

Photo's a bit old, but it captures the essence of what it can do!
Photo’s a bit old, but it captures the essence of what it can do!


That’s pretty much all I have for ya’ll today, but as I continue to look out for new tweaks being updated in Cydia I will also continue to let you guys know :)

Keep on Jailbreaking!