Top Five Free Photo iOS Apps January 2013

The iPhone is a great way to snap great photos in any situation.  However, one area the iPhone isn’t very  strong but we can download applications which will help us improve our photo/video in whatever way we wish.  We have put together a video with the top Five Free Csamera applications for editing photos on iOS devices.  These can be used on any of the iOS devices b ut I personally prefer editing with the iPad.  The larger screen helps to see what the photio will truly look like after applying the different edits.

Top Five Free Photo Apps for iPhone
Top Five Free Photo Apps for iPhone

These applications allow the user to add many different types of filters, crop, and much more.  Feel free to leave a comment about what you think of the apps here.  Did we forget one of your favorites?

  1. Camera Bag2
  2. PIP Camera
  3. FotoRUS
  4. Awesome Camera
  5. PhotoStation Lite