FIRST LOOK: iPad Mini Smart Cover

We are just a few days away from the actual iPad Mini launch date [November 2nd], but we received something in advanced! The iPad Mini Smart Cover! We decided to have a first look & get a feel for what the iPad Mini will be like compared to the regular 9.7-inch sized iPad. Now, there is nothing special or spectacular between the iPad Mini Smart Cover & the normal sized iPad Smart Cover. But there are 1 or 2 differences. Check out the video for our first look at the iPad Mini Smart Cover. Also, make sure you do stay tuned for our official unboxing & review of the iPad Mini as we will be getting our hands on it on launch date!


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How-to Enable iPad Cover Lock/Unlock Smart Cover feature

How-to Enable iPad Cover Lock/Unlock feature on iPad 2 and iPad 3.

Watch iPad Smart Cover in action

To activate iPad Cover Lock feature, follow these steps:

  • Tap Settings → General → iPad Cover Lock/Unlock
  • Make sure that iPad Cover Lock/Unlock option is switched ON in order to be able wakes up, stands up, and brightens up your iPad. That’s not just smart. It’s genius…

Most recent iPad cases has a built-in smart cover feature to let you lock or unlock iPad screen with the cover. Smart Cover doubles as the perfect movie-watching, game-playing, web-surfing, do-it-all companion as well, but we won’t deeeply talk about its full features in this article.

ipad cover lock option switch settings


  • Q: Where is my iPad Cover Lock/Unlock switch? I can’t see it in my iPad Settings.
    A: Make sure that you have attached the case/smart cover to the iPad. Once iPad detects the smart cover attached into it, you will be able to see iPad Cover Lock switch in Settings app.
  • Q: How do I know if my iPad case supports smart cover feature?
    A: You should check it out on case maker website, or email them about smart cover feature. Though newly released iPad cases will support smart cover at most, some of them may not.
  • Q: My Smart cover/case was working fine with the iPad 2, but the smart cover is not working on the iPad 3. What’s wrong?
    A: Lots of iPad 2 cases reportedly to be not working on the iPad 3 due to a magnet polarity change on the iPad 3. Read more: Smart Cover/iPad Cover Lock not working on the new iPad 3.
    If you are one of them, tell the case maker that your iPad 3 case is not working, they most likely will be happy to replace with a new one. If your smart cover doesnt work on the iPad 3, visit the local Apple store near you to get a replacement, they’ll swap it out for free.

Post your question below if you have any other problem while activating iPad smart cover feature.

Smart Cover/iPad Cover Lock not working on iPad 3

Smart Cover/iPad Cover Lock not working on iPad 3?

So, you just bought the new iPad 3 and but now your old Smart Cover not working on the iPad 3, as the way it should on the iPad 2? Don’t be surprised, you’re not the only one who having iPad 3 smart cover issue. SenseiPhone will try to help you with Smart Cover problem which doesn’t work with the iPad Cover Lock feature on the iPad 3.

iPad 3 Smart Cover problem

Yeah, most of you may have tried to put the original smart cover that worked well with the iPad 2 already, but it doesn’t lock or unlock the new iPad screen. No matter how many times you close the smart cover, but the iPad screen is never get locked.

Here is the reason why smart cover not working on iPad 3

Apple changed the sleep/wake sensor switch used in the iPad 2 which was not polarity sensitive, no matter which way the magnet is, the sleep/wake sensor will be triggered.

But, on the iPad 3, it has been changed to be a polarity-senstive sensor which requires a specific polarity in order to activate iPad Cover Lock feature. It won’t work until the iPad 3 sees the correct magnetic polarity. Hence, some of the older Smart Cover models that having incorrect magnetic polarity will have this problem on the iPad 3. Not only the Apple’s Smart Cover, but lots of third-party case manufacturers will be facing the same issue.

Here are some reports of users about several 3rd-party cases that compatible and yet-compatible with the iPad 3.

Though some of these cases/smart covers were ever reportedly to be not working with iPad 3, most of them realised the issue and have updated their products already. If you already purchased the older version that doesn’t work with iPad 3, you should contact the support to get a replacement.

Smart Cover not working iPad 3

  • Some users said that iFrogz Summit Case for iPad 3 doesn’t work. Try to get a replacement if iFrogz case doesn’t work.
  • Some users said that Otterbox Defender Series Case with a built-in smart cover works but BUT only activate iPad Cover Lock one-way, though you can use it on two-ways. You may ask to get replacement or just keep it as-is.
  • Snugg iPad 3 Case Cover and even Snugg iPad 2 Case Cover reportedly works fine on the new iPad 3.
  • A user reported that CaseMate Signature Slim Case doesn’t work with the iPad 3 and said that Case Mate supports were looking into the issue.
  • Yoobao Executive Leather Case works fine with the iPad 3
  • iPad 2 Piel Frama magnetic cases not working on iPad 3
  • The ZooGue Case Genius for The New iPad 3 is working well
  • The CaseCrown Bold is not working with the iPad 3
  • Targus Versavu is not working with the iPad 3
  • Puro smart still have polarity and alignment issue, doesn’t work on iPad 3.
  • Maroo Moko II case was not compatible with the iPad 3, but they’ve emailed all of their customers to demand a replacement. So, the new shipped products should be working fine with the iPad 3.
  • Griffin case also reportedly having the same issue.

How-to make these incompatible cases to be working with the new iPad 3?

You can actually just slide the smart cover to the left about 5mm to make it works.

Or try this one. posted this method on Apple Support Communities to prove the theory that your smart cover/case is having incorrect magnetic polarity.

Try to slightly misaligned your smart cover or cases so that the edge of the magnet will be close enough to the sleep/wake sensor to trigger iPad Cover Lock feature.

Remove smart cover from the iPad 3 and then turn the smart cover so the surface that supposed to touch the iPad screen is now facing up and the hinge is on the right side. Then place about the first two inches of the left side of the smart cover on the first two inches of the rigth side of the iPad. The smart cover certainly not attached into the iPad, it will just be overlapping by a couple of inches. It’s intended to invert the smart cover’s magnet which means you are using the opposite magnetic polarity towards the sleep/wake sensor on the iPad.
That way you should see the iPad screen sleeps and wakes when you close and open the cover.

smart cover not working ipad 3 magnetic’s video will definitely help you to figure it out:

But, that’s not defitely the way you solve the problem, it’s just a method to make sure that your smart cover/case is having incorrect magnetic polarity.

The best way to solve the iPad 3 smart cover that doesn’t activate the iPad Screen Lock feature is to a new cover/case that compatible with the iPad 3.

Does original Smart Cover (for iPad 2) always not working with iPad 3?

Not always, in fact many of users with original iPad 2 launch day smart covers have no problems with iPad 3, and the fact that someone with a brand-new smart cover could be suffering this magnetic polarity issue as well, not as many as older smart cover owners though.

Get Smart Cover/iPad Case replacement

So, if your Smart Cover does not work with the iPad 3, then simply make an appointment with your Genius Bar and they will swap it out for FREE. Yes, it is a problem if you do not have a Genius Bar near you, instead you can CALL Apple and they will take care of it for you.

In case you are using a 3rd-party smart cover/case that’s not working on iPad 3 –which claimed/advertised to be compatible with the new iPad– you should contact the support to get a new replacement (if they’ve realised the issue), or simply let them know about the magnetic polarity issue after you’ve verified the issue yourself by using the method above.

Where is iPad Cover Lock / Unlock options

Tap Settings → General → iPad Cover Lock/Unlock and make sure it’s turned ON.

To activate the iPad Cover Lock/Unlock options in Settings app, you will need to put the smart cover first, you will not see this option until your iPad realizes that you are using a smart cover.

If you have other iPad 3 cases with smart cover built-in feature that doesn’t work with iPad 3, please mention its name on the comment below.