Airplane Mode iPhone in Foreign Country (for international travel) ?

Question: Is it possible to enable Airplane Mode iPhone in Foreign Country for international travel purpose?

International Travel with iPhone
International Travel with iPhone. Image source:

Answer: Yes, if you’re traveling abroad and wish to enable airplane mode because you don’t want to pay for the roaming charges, then YES, you’ll be fine with that option. Enable iPhone airplane mode for international travelers can prevent them getting expensive bill due to international roaming.

However, if you’re going to travel overseas without getting roaming charge, disabling ‘data roaming‘ on iPhone will suffice your needs. But iPhone in airplane mode with WiFi in foreign country will also just fine if you feel safer that way.

You can go to Settings → Cellular → Data Roaming → turn it OFF (on iOS 7).

For Internet and any other needs you can use WiFi in the hotel to check emails and such. And also, putting your iPhone on airplane mode save battery much better. So, don’t worry about airplane mode iphone abroad, it will work just fine.

See airplane mode iPhone for international travel video below

Also make sure that you have unlocked your iPhone if you wish to use the local SIM card in the country you’re travelling to.

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