ColoredKnob | Cydia Tweak: Change The Color Of Your Unlock Slider with ColoredKnob

The tweak ColoredKnob, relatively new to Cydia was updated a few times already adding a few more colors and icon choices. ColoredKnob allows for easy customization of the unlock slider and does not rely on winterboard. The best part about the tweak is that it is 100% free and can be picked up in the default BigBoss repo. If you are into customizing your device, then ColoredKnob will be a great addition to your device.


Name: ColoredKnob
Compatible: iOS 4 & iOS 5
Price: Free
Version: 1.1-2
Repo: BigBoss
Developer: c0d3
Editor’s Rating: / 4.5/5

Siri ColorBG | Cydia Tweak: Change Siri’s background

Getting tired of the same ol’ Siri grey background? With Siri ColorBG, a Jailbreak Cydia tweak, you can change Siri’s background to 5 different colors!

Tweak: Siri ColorBG
DescriptionBrings the Choice of 5 Different Siri Color Backgrounds rather than using the Grey linen.
Compatible: iDevice running Siri
Repo: ModMyi
Price: Free
Developer: rvirajm


5 Colored Backgrounds included in Siri ColorBG:

Black Siri BG


Blue Siri BG


Green Siri BG


Red Siri BG 


Sunrise Siri BG

Overflow & Infinidock | Cydia Tweak[s]: cover flow dock icons with scrolling!

There have been a variety of Cydia tweaks we have covered, but it has been a while since there is one that actually appeals to me. This Cydia tweak is Overflow, which gives you a cool cover flow effect for your dock icons. Overflow also works great with another Cydia tweak called Infinidock. With Infinidock, you will be able to add more than 4 apps to your dock and scroll between apps in a smooth manner giving you the effect of when you get when you are searching through your albums covers in the Music app! Definitely check these tweaks out!

Tweak: OverFlow
Description: add a coverflow effect to your dock icons
Repo: BigBoss
Price: $0.99
Developer: Adam Bell

Tweak: Infinidock
Description: add as many icons to your dock and scroll back and forth between apps in the dock
Price: $0.99
Developer: chpwn

Overflow & Infinidock Enabled

Overflow Enabled & Infinidock Disabled

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Slider Pro | Cydia Tweak: set custom slider text, display day on slider, tap to unlock, and more

Tired of your old “Slide to Unlock” text?
Change it to some with Slider Pro! You can customize the text, font size, tap to unlock, remove the slider, and much more!

Tweak: Slider Pro
Description: set custom slider text, display day on slider, tap to unlock, & more
Repo: ModMyi
Price: FreeDeveloper: greensnow
Developer: greensnow