How to Turn Off Voice Over on iPod, iPhone, iPad

It’s actually easy to turn off voice over on iPod / iPhone.

How to Turn Off Voice Over on iPhone
Voice Over on iPhone

The first problem you wound’t be able to scroll down to disable voice over, right?
You may already knew that you I need to go into “General” → “Accessibility” → Voice Over to disable this feature, but you have no idea how to get there.

If you turned on voice over accidentally and can’t get voice over to turn off, here is steps you need to do.

  1. Triple click the home button and see if it allows you to turn it off. This trick should be working to turn off voice over on iPhone 5 or iPod 5
  2. If the triple-home-click not turning off the voice over, you have synced it with iTunes, go to the summary screen and select configure accessibility. It will give you that option to turn it off.
  3. This trick for older iOS version. To turn-off voice over on iPhone or iPod, it’s simply by swiping with three fingers to scroll (not tapping). Pushing three fingers up the screen will allow you to see the Accessibility → Voice Over to disable it right away.

  4. If it’s too hard to flick three fingers to scroll down, you may try the other way. Swipe left or right to selects the previous or next item. So, if you have reached Settings – General – Accessibility, swipe right to go to the next option until you can reach the Voice Over option. Now you can shut off voice over on iPhone by double-taping on it.

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