Some More iPhone Workout Accessories For You!

We have some more iPhone workout accessories for you to consider.

  1. iPhone Armband

    Lifeproof iPhone 5S Armband / Swim band
    This accessories perfect for running, swimming, walking, lifting, training and any other kind workout you do. You can customize the size of the band for your arm. and super easy to get your phone in and out of the case with one hand. Only downside is the size, it is a bit bulky. If you have no problem with it, you will love it.

    And if you, sometimes like to splash water on top of your head, which then runs down your body, your iPhone would NOT get moist/wet (which may causing a little bit of vapor inside the camera lens) like any other armbands.

    Lifeproof iPhone 5S Armband

  2. Fitness Trackers & Heart Rate Monitors

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