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The Ninja Fishing app from Gamenauts recently entered “new and noteworthy” category on iTunes App Store.

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At the first glance, I thought it was combination of Flick Fishing and Fruit Ninja. Thus, I decided to give it try and it actually not. But the slicing part is really similar to Fruit Ninja.


  • Super addicting FISH & SLASH gameplay!
  • Master both tilt & touch controls to perfection!
  • More than 20 crazy fishes to collect & eat.
  • Find treasure chests with goodies!
  • Earn gold to buy lots of super upgrades like katanas, fishing guides & more.
  • Hilarious art & animations.
  • Gorgeous HD RETINA graphics.
  • Gamecenter and OpenFeint Leaderboards.
  • Facebook & Twitter integrations – brag about your high score and catch to your friends!
  • You basically need to cast your hoook as deep as possible into the ocean, use the tilt control of device to the left or right to either avoid or catch the fishes. Once you reach the bottom or the fish hooked on the way down early, the hook is quickly reeled in, and you need to hook as many fish as you can.

    Go as deep as possible and reel back as many fish as possible, then slice the fishes up later.

    Ninja Fishing app for iPhone

    The deeper you are going, the more rare fishes you might find also many more fishes you can bring on the way up.
    When you reach the bottom, you will find the treasure chest, also rare fishes that you will only find at the bottom.
    You can go as deep as 75 m with the default line. You can go to the shop and purchase line upgrade in order to raise the limit.

    Activate the drill by tapping anywhere on the screen and hold it down to keep it doing so.

    • On the way down, you can use drill to boost your speed and get deeper quickly.
      All passed fishes will be killed instead catched up. A smart way to get on the bottom
      faster and avoid unwanted fishes.
    • On the way up, you may activate the drill to hold or slowing down the hook while reeling up.

    There is a limit of drill usage, indicated by fuel on the left bottom of the screen.
    You can increase the fuel by purchasing Fuel Upgrade on the shop.

    By default, you can bring only 25 fishes at most, unless you purchase Hook upgrade on the shop.

    Then finally, you need to slice all those hooked fish that flung into the air to earn gold coins.
    While swiping the fishes on the screen to dice the fishes, it really feels like ‘Fruit Ninja’-style

    I bet you’re tired of cutting fruits.

    Does it mean Fruit Ninja? =D

    The higher level fishes need multiple swipes to slice up, upgrading the blade to a more powerful one on the shop,
    will let you handle the swiping jobs get easier. While slicing up the fishes, beware of dynamites!

    You earn golds only for each fish that you sliced up, and the dynamites gonna explode if you slice it up,
    your remain fishes will blown away. It means you lost chance to earn more gold coins.

    So, watch out and don’t slice everything blindly.

    When you get a new high-score, you can show-off your new high score to your friends on facebook and twitter.

    A few tips for ninja fishing:

    1. Watch out for Underwater Mines – they appear below 300m!
    2. The fish will bite the hook only at the mouths, you can pass them by their tails.
    3. Don’t slash mindlessly, or else you’ll explode the Dynamite!
    4. The Treasure Chests needs a lot of slashes, so be sure to upgrade your katana.

    Available for upgrade on the shop:

    Ninja Fishing Upgrade Options 1

    • Line upgrade – Increasing the line to let you go deeper.
    • Blade – Add extra slicing power to your Katana
    • Fuel Upgrade – Give more fuel to your drill
    • Speed Upgrade – Increase speed of descend
    • Sales Guide – Sell fish for more
    • Deep Sea Lantern – Illuminate the area when reaching beyond particular depth.
    • Hook Upgrade – Upgrade Hook capacity for more fish.
    • Weight Upgrade – Auto-drill and starts fishing at particular depth. Saving time and more upgrade options available

    Ninja Fishing Upgrade Options 2

    Oh Well, 99 cents is a bargain for Ninja Fishing app. Overall, it’s really addicting game and I would like to put Ninja Fishing into our best iPhone apps list!

    Download Ninja Fishing app on iTunes Store.


    Watch our demo and video review of Ninja Fishing app on iPhone:

    However, I later found out that the basic idea of Ninja Fishing is very close to Radical Fishing online web-based game.

    You may play Radical Fishing game here: and compare it with the Ninja Fishing app.

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