NoCameraGrabber Cydia Tweak Removes Camera Shortcut on the Lock screen

Do you want to remove camera shortcut on the iPhone lockscreen ?

Do you know that Apple puts camera shortcut on the iPhone lockscreen starting from iOS 5.1?

Camera Shortcut on iPhone lockscreen iOS 5.1
Camera Shortcut on iPhone lockscreen iOS 5.1

This feature helps users a lot when it comes to quick-camera call function right from the lockscreen. Saving time and instant taking-picture ability is cool, but does every body need this feature? I bet no!

In opposed to Camera Grabber Cydia Tweak, which allows you to have camera shortcut on iOS 5.0.1 or lower, a new Cydia Tweak developed by Hiraku lets you to remove the camera grabber feature from your iPhone’s Lock screen, and it doesn’t even bring up the camera button with a double press of the Home button.

As you can see on the screenshoots below, NoCameraGrabber Cydia Tweak removed camera button on iPhone’s lockscreen with ease.

No configuration needed for NoCameraGrabber Cydia Tweak.

Watch NoCameraGrabber Cydia Tweak in action

Name: NoCameraGrabber
Developer: Hiraku
Requirements: iOS 5.1
Repo: Bigboss Repo
Price: Free Cydia Tweak

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