iPhone 5C Specifications

From the Apple live event, here are the reports of Apple iPhone 5C Specifications:

iPhone 5C available in 5 colors: it will be available available in white, red, blue, green, and yellow. In pictures, it resembles the fifth-generation iPod touch.

iPhone 5C doesn’t use aluminum or glass back, it uses plastic backs that come in a variety of bright colors meant to complement the bright, solid colors found throughout iOS 7. iOS 7 and the color of your phone will match out of the box

The entire back and sides are made from a single part, its front one glass, multi-touch surface. As close as you look, you wont see joints or seams.

It’s built with new construction method inside, steel-reinforced, also amplifies the antenna. iPhone 5C features 4-inch retina display with integrated touch and an A6 on the inside.

iPhone 5C battery also features higher-capacity battery than previous iPhone 5, blazing-fast performance, console-level graphics, power efficient.

We’d expect iPhone 5C battery will be better than iPhoen 5 battery.

The camera on iPhone 5C will also be upgraded with new Facetime HD camera.

And of course, iPhone 5C will come along with iOS 7.

and how much is iPhone 5C price?

$99 for iPhone 5C 16GB model, and $199 for iPhone 5C 32GB model, with two-year contract

From the iPhone 5C video:

We developed the design by creating an entirely new structural architecture. It starts with a single piece of polycarbonate, into which we insert a steel structural frame, creating a whole new bespoke design…. The entire assembly goes through multiple finishing surfaces, including a lacquer hardcoat

And here are the iPhone 5C cases:

The soft, matte texture of the case is a contrast to the bright, glossy back of the phone

The team has created a really cool line of custom cases for the 5C. They’re soft, and cool.”
Each case has holes cut out, allowing a bit of the phone’s original color to pop through. The back is made from a hard-coated polycarbonate. Inside, it’s built with a new steel-inforced construction method

Apple iPhone 5S Live Blog

Looking for live coverage of Apple’s event on September 10 which will be held at its headquarters in Cupertino, Calif. We’re expecting new iPhones, and maybe more.

While we can never be completely sure what Apple is set to announce, the signs have long been pointing at the debut of a new iPhone 5S, as well as the potential announcement of a second, cheaper iPhone variant that the ol’ rumor mill has dubbed the “5C”.

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iPhone 5S Official Specification

Apple iPhone 5S specification
Apple iPhone 5S specification

The information below is the official Apple iPhone 5S Specification:

There are so many innovations inside of it, but we’re going to tell you about 3 today.

The iPhone 5S processor is A7 processor chip. It’s a 64-bit chip, the world’s first and only such CPU in a smartphone.”

So lets talk about the hardware. 64-bit, desktop architecture. It’s got a new, modern instruction set. 2x the general-purpose registers, 2x floating-point registers, and over 1 billion transistors.

iPhone 5S processor is 2x faster and handles graphics up to 2X faster.

iPhone CPU performance chart:

iPhone 5S processor alone is not enough, Apple also adds M7 chip along with A7 processor.

Apple sees this opening a “whole new generation of health and fitness applications”. It can identify user movement, determining whether you’re walking or driving.

The information will be updated as soon as possible.